Sleepy Hollow: 17 Reasons to Love Abbie Mills


Abbie does research on Sleepy HollowSleepy Hollow‘s petite powerhouse Abbie Mills is one of the standout heroines on TV. She’s a bold, brave, brainy, beautiful badass. Here are just some of the reasons, we need a Season Three and more Abbie Mills

  1. She has ambitions. When we first met Abbie, she was a week away from going to Quantico to become an FBI profiler, but realized averting the Apocalypse is more important.
  2. Abbie stands up to authority when necessary. Though Captain Irving and Sheriff Reyes initially scoffed at her talk about the supernatural, they both quickly gave in.
  3. She adeptly navigates family drama. Despite being estranged from her sister, Jenny, Abbie made overtures get their relationship back on track.Abbie and Jenny do some computer research on Sleepy Hollow
  4. Abbie admits her mistakes. She told Ichabod about how the experience with Moloch in the woods led her to drugs and crime as a teenager. Abbie also takes the blame for not backing up Jenny’s claim of spotting a demon in the woods. (That said, it was probably the right decision. Who’s to say she wouldn’t have ended up institutionalized, too?)
  5. Ever notice how crime-fighters so rarely have other interests. Abbie will take a break to go heckle at baseball games, practice yoga or go on thinly veiled dates field trips with Ichabod to visit battleships or enjoy a cappuccino.Abbie takes Ichabod to a baseball game.
  6. Her head isn’t turned by men who show an interest in her. Detective Luke Morales couldn’t pressure her into getting back to together, she was seemingly oblivious to the attentions of Officer Andy Brooks and Hawley. She took it in stride when Calvin sent her a flirty text and when Orion gave her a mystical cell phone.
  7. Abbie is an action girl and not in constant need of saving. She and Ichabod take turns saving each other’s bacon. She slowed down that Wendigo and destroyed the creepy cursed painting. Ichabod rescued her from the Weeping Lady (You can’t blame him for not being up on CPR) and kept his promise to get his Leftenant out of Purgatory (Notice how he managed to do that in about day unlike all the time it took him to get to Katrina. He knows that Abbie is indispensable too.)Abbie gets her gun Sleepy Hollow
  8. She isn’t afraid to go it alone. The reason Abbie was in Purgatory in the first place was because she thought it was for the greater good.
  9. Abbie has amiable relations with everyone in town. No matter that they are either extras who die right away or characters we never see again. They always like her.
  10. She is quite generous. Ichabod doesn’t buy those grooming supplies and organic fruits by himself.
  11. Abbie doesn’t pretend to be fearless. She admits to being afraid of haunted houses.
  12. Abbie is talented, she does not embarrass herself at karaoke.
  13. She does not suffer fools gladly. After Katrina foiled yet another rescue attempt, Abbie delivered some severe side eye and wasn’t afraid to let Ichabod know that Mrs. Crane was dragging the team down.
  14. Abbie is gracious. She could have mentioned a few things to Thomas Jefferson  but sidestepped the elephant in the room.
  15. She is not afraid to speak her mind. Regarding Ichabod’s ‘driving’ skills, she said, “That wasn’t driving. That was unsafe operation of a vehicle without a license. I should arrest your ass for it.”
  16. Abbie has a good grasp of technology, when Katrina wasn’t around to use her witchcraft, on Solomon Kent, Abbie figured out how to simulate the elements with a generator and a fire hose.
  17. Abbie does not get ruffled in unfamiliar, hostile environments. She was pretty casual about waking up in 1781 and rather feisty with the guards. (Heading straight for Grace Dixon would have been our choice, but Abbie likes to stay on-mission.)

What are some of the reasons you love Abbie? Please leave a comment below. (Comments don’t appear immediately.)

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