20 Thoughts on Sleepy Hollow: “Dawn’s Early Light” — March 25, 2016

Sleepy Hollow Dawn's Early Light Episode Hi Sleepyheads, I’m ba-a-a-ck. I’ve been traveling and I missed my Sleepy Sisters. I’m slowly catching up on Sleepy Hollow so you’ll see recaps for the past few shows soon.  Just to let you know, despite the fact that I was across the Atlantic in the Cotswolds and Cornwall, I did my duty to promote the show and hopefully roped in some more U.K. viewers.  

Elaine F. with a black and white horse.

My little pony in the U.K.

It was a fun trip but I can assure you that looking at some Druid stone formations is not nearly as interesting as contemplating what goes on at Chez Ichabbie when the lights are turned down low. I mean big whoop, Pandora could get those stones in a circle before she even had her morning coffee. Is it wrong that when we saw a magpie and our guide recited the “One for Sorrow” nursery rhyme and all I could think about was Pandora’s scenes. 

Okay, it’s been a while and I have performance anxiety because I’m rusty but here goes:

  1. No, The Hidden One, you do not get to talk that way to Pandora. She went to so much trouble to raise him from wherever he was and she gets nothing but verbal abuse. I seriously want Pandora to ask Ichabod for help with a quickie divorce. He can give do it using the shiv used to get rid of his first wife.
  2. Mills family scene. I don’t trust Papa Mills, but I love that we’re getting to see some of the Mills sisters’ happier times. There are probably all kinds of continuity errors, but just go with it. Is that woman in the snapshot Aunjanue Ellis?
  3. So now Ichabod meets Papa Mills and he’s thinking: “I wonder if I can ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage while I smell like fast-food chicken?” Do it.
  4. Nicole Beharie is just so beautiful that it hurts my feelings. Serious girl crush.
  5. I don’t know why Abbie’s mad at Daniel, though. She tried to tell him something about their relationship, they got interrupted by a text from Ichabod, and Daniel basically said ‘you can tell me later’ and she walked off in a bit of a huff. I hope Abbie isn’t thinking that Daniel needed to be more receptive or something because then I’ll have to revisit how Ichabod made her a romantic dinner and all of those little gestures that she blew off.
  6. Okay, Betsy Ross, something, something plot. I’m surprised that she’s still on the show because she’s turned out to be such a minor character. It must take longer for Nikki Reed to sit in hair and makeup than to say her lines. No shade, just an observation.
  7. Abbie and Ichabod have been taking an awful lot of road trips and it’s just so they can spend the night at B&Bs. They feed each other grapes and go antiquing and to wine tasting events and then they go back to their room and make the kind of mad passionate love you can’t show on network TV.
  8. Daniel is all huffy about Ichabod’s presence. Watch it, Danny, Ichabod could poke an eye out with one of his fidgety, fluttery fingers. He has killed before and he’ll do it again.
  9. So Abbie finally told Daniel about her secret with Ichabod; they are supernatural crime fighters. Did you see Ichabod’s face when he’s driving? He’s trying to figure out how he can have an “accident” in which he and Abbie get saved by airbags while Daniel ends up in a ravine.
  10. Pandora has had just about enough of her jackass husband. It doesn’t matter if he’s a god, she’s going to take him down. Remember how much fun she had when she first got to town? Dressing up in cute outfits and singing to herself like Little Miss Crazypants.
  11. Height-differential porn! I love towering Ichabod walking side-by-side with his petite Leftenant. Are there any other fellow fun-sized ladies in the audience who get a thrill from watching a tall guy with a short girl? Is there some sort of fan-fic devoted to that?
  12. The only reason the show is taking so long with that steamy love scene is they need to figure out how to get them both in the same shot without resorting to some explicit premium cable positioning.
  13. Betsy Ross, something, something. Oh, she’s leaving! Never to be seen again? Well, good luck to you, Miss Ross.
  14. It was a budgetary decision. The producers needed to free up some money to film that elaborate Ichabbie wedding scene. It’s going to be like something out of Bollywood.
  15. Look at Daniel and Abbie sitting all close. Is this the episode where she finally gets a kiss? I don’t want to get my hopes up.
  16. Daniel: “Crane. he’s not normal, is he? Is he a ghost.” Us: No Daniel, Ichabod Crane is Abbie’s common-law husband and they plan to have a big church wedding, so don’t get too comfy.
  17. A kiss. Finally! Finally! Abbie got a kiss! The beautiful leading lady has finally seen some lip action. It only took 47 episodes.
  18. To recap: Abbie is no longer living out of her car, she has a home and the home has a spacious shed. She has a yuuuuuuge office. She may own a strip mall. She may even own a wash-and-fold franchise. Her family is getting some attention and she has finally been kissed.
  19. Spoiler! Don’t read on if you don’t want to know what happens.
  20. Okay, here’s what I know: Daniel and Ichabod fight over who gets to be with Abbie. Daniel tells Ichabod to “go home and get your shine box.” While Abbie is distracted, Ichabod creeps downstairs with a shiv made from a toothbrush and stabs his love rival repeatedly. He then carts Daniel’s body off to the Jersey landfill where he’s taken the bodies of all the other men who got close to Abbie: The undead Andy Brooks, Luke Morales, Nick Hawley, Orion the angel, photojournalist Calvin Riggs and even random extras who casually glanced in her direction. After some maneuvering with lye and a pick-ax, Crane turns to the camera, raises an eyebrow, breaks the fourth wall and says: “Game on.”

Full recap to come, I swear!

Sleepy Hollow airs Fridays at 8/7c on Fox.

Elaine G. Flores, Chief Editor
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14 thoughts on “20 Thoughts on Sleepy Hollow: “Dawn’s Early Light” — March 25, 2016”

  1. Susan says:

    Your recaps have been sorely missed! Welcome back!

    And your description of what Crane does with people who show too much interest in Abbie had me bursting out laughing. Love it.

    1. Elaine F. says:

      Hi Susan, thank you. Making you laugh is my goal.

  2. scyren says:

    I didn’t want Abbie to just have any kiss because the writers are schizo any more than I wanted Crane to date or be with anyone else. Dannie has been a total ass, they barely have acted like there is anything between them, they build up Ichabbie and then have her decide she wants Danny and they kiss? I’m so done. I’m so tired of the writers flip flopping all over the place and leading me on for nothing. I would have stopped watching long before this. I was barely holding on. There may only be 2 episodes left and they wait this long to throw in Danabbie when I would rather see the witnesses just work together if that’s all I’m going to get.. And then they throw some conjured up Betsy love for Ichabod. I just can’t. Why do they have to keep throwing them at other people. I’d seriously rather them both be single then to see them with anyone else. It’s distracting, thrown together, and never well written. You have Danabbie be icy cold and then he says he loved her….really? Cause I wasn’t feeling that between them. Even Abbie was surprised. I don’t want her to settle. And now, they have her with the liar who is working with an enemy. Great. I’m just so done.

    1. Elaine F. says:

      Hi Scyren. I hear you. I’m totally Team Ichabbie and waiting for that kiss, too. The one thing I like about this development is that it shows Abbie’s other options. I like the heroine having more than just one man to focus on even if he is the one I want her to be with. Don’t be done, you can never be done. It’s like Hotel California.

  3. BernieB says:

    So glad you are back. You’re recaps are such a delight. #20 is now my favorite of all time.

    1. Elaine F. says:

      Hi Bernie, I’m glad to be back with my Sleepy Sisters. Amusing you is my goal.

  4. Raphaela says:

    Best recap ever! Welcome back! 😊

    1. Elaine F. says:

      Awwww, thanks, Raphaela. High praise.

  5. Alicia says:

    Oh lord that was the best. I’m glad you’re back.

    1. Elaine F. says:

      Thank you, Alicia! I’m glad to be back with my Sleepy Sisters.

  6. Taboo says:

    Nice recap, and it’s glad to have you back.
    I know I’m in the minority when I say this, but it needs to be said: Danny is a great option for Abbie, and he isn’t the total ass that people want him to be. He’s been lied to, kept in the dark left and right by several people on his team, all while covering for Abbie during her periods of instability. Remember that Reyes was much tougher on Abbie, much more restrictive on Ichabod and Witness work than Danny has ever been. Anything that Danny shouts at Abbie about, Reyes would have written her up or suspended her for it already. He has also gone to bat for Abbie with that shady Walters. Remember when Walters tried to suggest that Abbie was unraveling? Danny clapped back really quick and shut that down. This SH writing team is limited in its abilities to develop characters, but they haven’t totally messed it up with Danny.

    I thought Betsy Ross was tolerable this episode. At least her work on the flag tied in very nicely to supernatural Colonial lore. I think the three-person team that wrote this episode did good work.

    1. Elaine F. says:

      Hi Taboo, thanks for writing! You make a strong case for Daniel. As a hardcore Ichabbie shipper, I approve of Abbie having another romantic relationship,as long as it’s relatively short-term. It’s good for Abbie not to automatically fall into Crane’s arms after Katrina and Crextra aka Zoe. I like the idea of her being hard to get, Crane needs the challenge.

      I enjoyed the episode too, but I enjoy most of them. :)

  7. Dawn says:

    LMBO ok. After reading this. I feel so much better after I read comments on the tv by numbers site. Which there were tons of ppl, who complained that they haven’t watched the show since season 2 & complained about the ratings. Then other folks who haven’t watched since season 1 & complain about the plot & ratings. It makes no sense!

    Like you, I was excited for Abbie. We actually got to see her make out!!! It’s not Ichabbie & of course they could have incorporated sexual chocolate FBI agent Danny Reynolds into the plot more. Flashbacks of Abbie & Danny in that special shack on the beach. Would have made the fans connect with the idea of Danny & Abbie a little more.
    If they would have continued that relationship from the start of season 3. I would have love to see the struggle Abbie would have had with keeping the secret from Danny while fighting monsters & maintaining a partnership with Crane. Crane ‘s struggle with Abbie not available to him at all times & him finally revealing that he gets his money from an account from the Rev or Katrina had set up after his death in season 1 lol Danny is ready for Abbie to leave Crane behind and have her choose! I think I got excited from that plot! Be in love or save the world? Ok, I’m sorry. I’m glad you’re back lol

    1. Elaine F. says:

      Hi Dawn, thanks for commenting! Aww, your kind words warm my heart. Let this be your refuge. :) You gotta roll your eyes at bored commenters who go to the trouble to announce: “I don’t even watch this show but I must still bitterly complain about it.” It’s like that line in Mean Girls: “She doesn’t even go here.”

      The thing I like about Danny is it gives Crane some competition and I like a good love triangle. Your ideas are fun, please join the SH writing staff to bring them to fruition. :)

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