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Claire, Murtagh and Brother Paul on Outlander

Outlander: “To Ransom a Man’s Soul” — May 30, 2015

Nurse Randall returned to poke around. Inability to mind her own business led to unintentional time travel to 1743 Scotland. The welcome wagon consisted of Frank’s ancestor, Captain “Black Jack” Randall. He welcomed her to the century with a rape attempt. That’s how he behaves on a good day. BJR is a torture enthusiast. Claire was rescued by the MacKenzie clan and met Jamie, who is brave, noble and handsomes all over the place. He agreed to a hastily arranged marriage to keep her from Black Jack’s clutches. Because Jamie is perfect, when he found out about his bride’s bizarre story, he returned her to Cragh na Dun so she could be with her 1945 husband. Frank who?

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Claire Outlander

Outlander: “Wentworth Prison” — May 16, 2015

Jamie will do anything — and we mean anything — to protect Claire. Mrs. Fraser is no damsel in distress, she’ll do anything — and we mean anything — to be with husband. (When he gave her a chance to return to 1945, Claire wouldn’t go because Jamie is perfect.) With the help of Murtagh Fraser, Jamie’s BAMF godfather, Claire rounded up members of the MacKenzie clan to bust her husband out of notorious Wentworth Prison. This is not going to be a fun read. In fact, you really might want to stop reading here and go check out our recap archives and quizzes. If you are a glutton for punishment, grab an adult beverage because you’re going to need it.

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Claire holds a gun on a redcoat on Outlander

Outlander: “The Search” — May 9, 2015

Claire took a wrong turn in 1945 and wound up in 1743 — we’ve all been there, right? Fun fact: 18th-century Scotland gives severe side-eye to an English outsider or “Sassenach.” It’s also an era where weapons training is a necessity for women. On the other hand, there’s Claire’s new husband Jamie Fraser who is made of dreamy. He was also a fugitive from the redcoats due to some trumped-up charges and has been recaptured. You know who doesn’t sit around like a damsel-in-distress? Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser, that’s who! The sassy Sassenach set out on a dangerous quest to rescue her man. Jamie’s got a no-nonsense sister, Jenny Murray, a badass godfather Murtagh Fraser. He also has his Uncle Dougal MacKenzie, kind of; Dougal’s a solid warrior, but he can be shifty.

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Outlander's Jamie in "The Watch."

Outlander: “The Watch” — May 2, 2015

Jamie Fraser is nearly perfect. When his new wife Claire mentioned that unexpected time travel transported her from 1945 to 1743 and that she had left behind her 20th-century husband, Frank Randall, Jamie took the news quite well and even gave her a chance to return to 1945, a less violent and dangerous era which would fulfill the nurse’s yearning for disinfectant and other medical advancements. Have you seen Jamie? Claire declined a ride on the mystical portal and accompanied Jamie to his home Lallybroch, where he presides as laird. Jamie, who was wrongfully charged with murder, has been hiding out from the redcoats. Going back to his home seems like a risky strategy, but it does keep Claire safer than she’s been anywhere else and Jamie will do anything to keep his bride safe. Jamie’s sister Jenny Murray, takes a dim view of her in-law; being British in 18th-century Scotland is sometimes frowned upon.

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Jamie and Claire Fraser in Lallybroch on Outlander

Outlander: “Lallybroch” — April 25, 2015

Ever since becoming trapped in 18th-century Scotland, Claire has been trying to reach Cragh na Dun, the ancient stones, which caused her accidental time travel. Claire passed the time (no pun intended) by marrying dreamboat Jamie Fraser (it’s complicated), Jamie is nearly perfect, so perfect that after Claire finally confessed her bizarre secret, he took her to the stones so that she could return to 1945. When Jamie walked away so that Claire could go back to Frank, modern conveniences and disinfectant — which the nurse is always yammering about. No woman in her right mind would want to live in the dangerous and violent year of 1743, right? Have you seen Jamie? Buh-bye, disinfectant.

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