43 Thoughts on Sleepy Hollow: “Whispers in the Dark”

Just married road sign for Sleepy Hollow's Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Sleepy Hollow was totally on it tonight with “Whispers in the Dark.” Some stream-of-consciousness ramblings in advance of the full recap.

  1. Ichabod with Windex. #Dead
  2. Accidentally looking at Abbie’s unmentionables, my foot. It is precisely what it seems, Ichabod Crane. You fool nobody.
  3. “Why are you doing my laundry?” Ichabod owes you for all the donut holes and Post-it Notes, Abbie, that’s why.
  4. Abbie Mills has a residence! She has a set. She has two sets because FBI rookies get massive offices. That’s a bang-up job, Sleepy writers and set designers. Please include scenes of her office and both exterior and interior shots of the house on a regular basis. We don’t want her lodgings to disappear again.
  5. Looking for a place of his own? No, he’s not. Ichabod Crane started out a damn sexy hobo, but he can sell the stupid necklace that belonged to his first wife and be a damn sexy homeowner if he so chooses. He just wants to be near his Leftenant, which is understandable.
  6. Cooking for her, taking care of the honey-do list. Married. Congratulations, you two, looking forward to elopement flashbacks!
  7. That Pandora has fashion sense. She is working that sexy librarian style with the eyeglasses.
  8. Sleepy Hollow is putting a bit more effort into the wardrobe this year; Jenny Mills has something other than fatigues. Abbie has more outfits, too, now that she has closet space. Can’t wait to see what she wore when she walked down the aisle.
  9. Does nobody notice that Pandora is talking to herself? She needs a Bluetooth, so she doesn’t look crazy.
  10. Yay! Lance Gross!
  11. Watch your back, Daniel Reynolds. Ichabod has killed before, and he’ll do it again.
  12. Detective Luke Morales “disappeared.” Dead.
  13. Officer Andy Brooks: Not out of Purgatory. Undead, but brought back to life and killed again. Now he’s “DEAD” dead.
  14. Hawley: “Left town” Dead.
  15. Calvin Riggs: Texted Abbie walked away. Dead.
  16. Katrina Crane: Shivved “accidentally.”
  17. Look at him, eyebrow arched, twitchy fingers flailing all over the place.
  18. Abbie is giving Ichabod severe side-eye in the hopes he won’t embarrass her.
  19. Ichabod is pretending he’s helping out by looking at that building, but he is scheming how to lure Daniel up there and shove him over the ledge.
  20. Crane may have his work cut out for him this time. Good, he needs competition.
  21. Lance Gross is going to give Ichabod a House of Pain.
  22. You’re welcome.
  23. Don’t get crazy with the “gin joints” references, Daniel. Bogie didn’t get the girl. On the other hand, he didn’t get marked for death by a fidgety loon either.
  24. A Grace Dixon reference! Yaaaaaaay!
  25. I’m going to pretend that the Sleepy Writers read my posts regularly.
  26. “We’ll meet at the stables in an hour.” You are a shameless hussy, Betsy Ross.
  27. The first Mrs. Crane did not know about Betsy Ross because she would have been knocked off just like Mary Wells. The first Mrs. Crane and her husband both “accidentally” bump off any perceived romantic rival.
  28. Jenny is researching something on “Web Search”; your days are numbered Google. Web Search plans to snuff you like Ichabod plans to snuff Daniel.
  29. Joe Corbin! Happy to see you. He knew about the cabin, so presumably he is aware that a damn sexy squatter occupied it for a couple of seasons.
  30. Jenny has a home, too! It’s not as comfy as Abbie’s but it’s better than Tarrytown Psychiatric and Jenny is into that whole rugged outdoorsy lifestyle.
  31. Another Sheriff Corbin photo, just like last week. We need to hear Clancy Brown’s rich voice and his audio recordings.
  32. “He was as much a father to you as he was to me.” Aww, the writers remembered that Jenny was also a Corbin protege.
  33. Joe Corbin is an EMT? That whole going to Quantico didn’t work out. It’s still a good job. Not everyone in Sleepy Hollow can work for the FBI; there’s not enough office space because Abbie took it all.
  34. Lyndie Greenwood is such a lovely actress.
  35. The show is making the most of the new Georgia filming locale; the scenes are brighter and more open, no?
  36. Oooh, look at that action-y garage scene. What the hell did that guy just do to Joe, though?
  37. Oh, Hi, Anthony K. Hyatt. I guess the dearly departed Sam had a twin because you look like Lena Gilbert’s bodyguard….
  38. Yes, a Jenny fight scene! Go, Sarah Connor!
  39. Abbie’s dad is alive! OMG, OMFG! Season 3 remembers that the Mills sisters have an unexplored family history.
  40. Abbie is fighting back tears as she tells Ichabod the story about tracking down her dad. (Tissue break.) Nicole Beharie is selling this. This episode is heavy, so many feels right now.
  41. Aww, look at Ichabod’s face with the sidelong glance and smile. He adores lounging on the porch and for heart-to-heart talks with his bride.
  42. I do not want Jenny Mills to leave, but Lyndie Greenwood could carry a Jenny spin-off.
  43. Pandora, don’t start with the flower magic. That was a neat trick and all, but we all have flower magic PTSD.

The full recap is coming soon.

We love witty and insightful Sleepyhead comments. They don’t appear right away, but we promise we’ll get to them.

Sleepy Hollow airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Fox.

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4 thoughts on “43 Thoughts on Sleepy Hollow: “Whispers in the Dark””

  1. Molly says:

    Ichabod saw Abbie’s vulnerable side. And he fell more in love with her because of it.

    1. Elaine F. says:

      Hi Molly. Agreed. That was the look of love.

  2. Ree says:

    Did you see that look? I think Crane was hoping Abbie’s secret had something to do with him.

    1. Elaine F. says:

      Oh, that look will be replayed a dozen times. Hmm, you make an interesting point.

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