27 Thoughts on Sleepy Hollow: “The Sisters Mill”

Jenny-Abbie-The Sisters Mills-Sleepy HollowSo, Sleepy Hollow decided to make us stay up all night with the light on this week. That tooth fairy monster? Nope! Can’t look. Here are stream-of-consciousness ramblings until the full recap.

  1. Crane sits on the couch in front of the TV with salty snacks and sugary carbonated beverages. He is now an American.
  2. These two are so married.
  3. That Historical Society chick needs to stop stalking Ichabod. Let’s not make her relevant by using her actual name. She’s an extra trying to ship herself with Crane. She is a #Crextra.
  4. “We share a roof, Crane. There are a lot of things I cannot un-know.” Translation: “We share the same bed, I know you in the Biblical sense.”
  5. Oh, how clever. The Mills sisters are the right ones to talk to a young girl about a frightening supernatural experience. They know what it’s like to confront a demon. Good job Sleepy writers!
  6. Ichabod should not be in Saffron’s tree house. If it gets taken the wrong way, he’ll wind up on a watch-list. He doesn’t need another brush with the law.
  7. Saffron’s dad doesn’t notice a 6’1″ Brit in daughter’s tree house. Parenting.
  8. Ichabod has a way with children — an awkward way. He’ll get better when he and Abbie have a baby.
  9. Betsy’s back, I see.
  10. Cricket, cricket.
  11. Paul Revere was played by Paul Burke in The Midnight Ride. This gentleman is Dustin Lewis.
  12. I know too much about Sleepy Hollow. It’s like a one-woman Comic Con on my sofa. I may or may not be doing some sort of Abbie cosplay right now.
  13. Wait, is that teacher Crextra? She is on the pay-no-mind list, I refuse to recognize her. That voice, though… It’s her, isn’t it?  Closed-captioning hates her, too. The words “Bye Felicia” just scrolled across the screen.
  14. Joe Corbin gives Crextra sid-eye. I love Joe. He is my pretend boyfriend. Don’t tell Mr. TV Recaps.
  15. Oh, snap! Jenny’s like, “You found our dad? What took you so long?”
  16. Jenny Mills is my pretend girlfriend. So is Abbie Mills, of course. And now Pandora is a contender. Mr. TV Recaps has been giving me some side-eye lately.
  17. Well, he doesn’t have to worry about me developing a lady-crush on Crextra.
  18. Abbie in the hospital? Noooooooo. Abbie can’t be in the hospital.
  19. Awaken her with a kiss, Crane.
  20. Don’t focus on the fact that she seemingly left you on your own for a while last week after you injected yourself with malaria so she could cancel her dinner date with Daniel.
  21. She did it to save Daniel’s life. We all know you are planning to kill him.
  22. Pandora saying “Hello, Sleepyhead” is everything.
  23. You know what else will be everything? Abbie giving Pandora an ass-beating when she gets out of that hospital bed.
  24. Damn, Miss Crazypants has some tragic backstory, I’ll give her that.
  25. Betsy again.
  26. Not even acknowledging it. Stony silence can be effective.
  27. Where’s Crextra?

The full recap is coming.

We live for the amusing Sleepyhead comments, they don’t appear right away, but we’ll get to them — as soon as we block Crextra’s number.

Sleepy Hollow airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Fox

Elaine G. Flores, Chief Editor
Elaine is the chief editor of TV Recappers' Delight. She's an experienced entertainment reporter, reviewer, editor, blogger, columnist and Bon Vivant.

4 thoughts on “27 Thoughts on Sleepy Hollow: “The Sisters Mill””

  1. barbara says:

    Oh now you got me wanting to call Pandora “Lil Miss Crazypants” and yea thanks for giving me a new name for Modchick Girl.. i can take that and run with it..and RORO Boobsy is in this one Yikes must turn away.
    But I did love the Mills Sisters bonding over strange shit that has happen to them when they tell the little girl.. Abbie will make a great Mom… Ichy need to bone up on his parenting skills if he plan on having his own Ichababy with Abbie. LOL

    But great review as always

    1. Elaine F. says:

      You are very welcome!

  2. Paisley says:

    Hi Elaine!
    I just HAVE to tell you that your posts about SH are HILARIOUS!!! No joke, I seriously laugh out loud at your “ramblings.” I was cracking up at the other one you wrote last week, too! I love it! How do you come up with this stuff?!? You have a way with thoughts. LOL.

    I would catch bits and pieces of SH during the 1st and 2nd season, but it was only during the tail-end of the 2nd season that I decided to make it a point to start watching weekly….and honestly, that was because I started reading articles about how bad the 2nd season had become and how the ratings had dropped tremendously. I had been totally oblivious to the negative talk about the show’s downfall (as I wasn’t a regular viewer). I was happy it scored a 3rd season, and I’m liking it so far. As I’m not big on sci-fi/supernatural shows, it’s truthfully Tom Mison’s hotness that’s the real reason I watch. Haha. I do, also, want Ichabbie together romantically, so I’m also watching in hopes that it’ll actually happen.

    Looking forward to your “ramblings” next week! :)


    1. Elaine F. says:

      Hi Paisley, thanks commenting and the kind words. I like your thoughts, too. :) The writers are doing a good job of turning the show around, so they deserve some applause.

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