Sleepy Hollow’s Abbie Mills: Everybody’s Dream Girl

Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) on Sleepy HollowIn honor of Sleepy Hollow’s Season 3 return on October 1, we’re in the midst of a weeklong celebration. We love Abbie Mills, Ichabod is completely in love with Abbie Mills and just about every character is fascinated by Abbie Mills.

Abbie’s ex-boyfriend, Luke Morales, gave Ichabod side-eye from the get-go. Yes, Ichabod had been a suspect in Sheriff Corbin’s murder, he was cleared and assisting the police, but Luke wouldn’t let it go. He whined to Captain Irving: “There’s been a lot of talk,” when the captain told him to mind his beeswax, Luke complained to other officers, asking, “What does an Oxford history professor know about serial killings in Sleepy Hollow? If he even is who he says.” In other words, Luke was way more concerned about the damn sexy hobo following Abbie around than he was with, oh, say, the rash of beheadings. Luke lurked about trying to get Abbie’s attention, admitting, “Come on, I just wanted to talk to you without having the Brit hovering over my shoulder.”

Abbie talks to her ex-boyfriend Luke Morales on the Sleepy Hollow episode "Midnight Ride"

It was apparent that Andy Brooks had a thing for Abbie. He never cared for Ichabod and attempted to show his devotion to Lieutenant Mills when he knocked her out to “protect” her from The Headless Horseman. Even when he was undead, Andy was still at it, confronting Luke to say, “I saw you with Abbie Mills. Stay away from her.” Ichabod could see it, he told Captain Irving that Andy “still holds unrequited feelings for Ms. Mills.” Even in Purgatory, Andy wants to prove himself to Abbie.

Andy Brooks (John Cho) covers Abbie's (Nicole Beharie) mouth to protect her on Sleepy Hollow

The angel Orion was eager to team up with Abbie to rid the world of evil. He was kind of a nutjob, but he had good taste and gave her some sort of mystical thingamabob. He explained: “Should you ever need my aid, hold this charm and think of me. I can find you.”

Orion and Abbie from Sleepy Hollow - Paradise Lost


Nick Hawley, started making flirty eyes at Abbie, which was not lost on Ichabod, who is always hyper-aware of who is checking out his leftenant. Ichabod confronted Nick asking, “Mr. Hawley, what are your intentions towards Lieutenant Mills?” Despite the fact that Mrs. Crane was out of Purgatory, Ichabod had plenty of time to mind Abbie’s business.

Sleepy Hollow's Hawley and Abbie chat in a bar in "Heartless."

Photojournalist Calvin was concerned about his brother, who was at the mercy of flesh-eating demons, but still found time to surreptitiously snap a photo of Abbie and then text her. Ichabod didn’t care for Calvin’s help and decided that throwing Calvin’s $7,000 equipment down a hole was necessary.

Calvin Riggs Sleepy Hollow


It was obvious that Benjamin Franklin liked Abbie from the moment he set eyes on her. He had a twinkle in his eye and opened up with “Bonjour.” Men who greet you in French — unless they are French — are in love with you. If they are French, they are also in love with you. French means somebody is in love with you. Within minutes of meeting her, Franklin gushed: “Ichabod, everything we’re striving for here, fighting with our dying breath to create for this country a free land of opportunity for all Miss Abigail Mills represents. She is the American dream.


Ben Franklin smiles at Abbie as he welcomes her and Ichabod into his home on Sleepy Hollow

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