21 Thoughts on The Flash From a Newbie

Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Iris West (Candice Patton) in The Flash pilot.Based on my Twitter feed, I should be watching The Flash. I just viewed the pilot on Netflix. I’m in! I don’t want to know anything in advance. It’ll take a hardcore binge to catch up. Here are stream-of-consciousness newbie ramblings.

  1. Superheroes always have childhood traumas, don’t they?
  2. Yay, Jesse L. Martin! I didn’t know he was on this show. That’s a treat for the mature ladies, such as myself. My dearly departed mom had quite the crush on Jesse L. Martin.
  3. Were I in high school, Grant Gustin’s poster would be taped inside my locker. He’s serving up some of that clean-cut Greg Nelson realness.
  4. Okay, so Barry Allen is a gifted forensics expert, that’s good. I thought this show was just going to be about a guy who runs fast.
  5. Mr. TV Recaps is the comic-book geek in the Recaps household, so he’d probably challenge that statement. I got some side-eye when I said the premise of “Ant-Man” sounded weak. What is so impressive about the ability to be ant-sized? Things got a little unnecessarily heated over the Black Widow, so I’m keeping my views on the usefulness of certain superpowers/superheroes to myself, I can’t sit through another sermon. Don’t tell him I said anything.
  6. This Candice Patton is serving up some of that sweetie-pie Angie Hubbard realness. This show is taking me back to 1982 Pine Valley, ya’ll.
  7. Barry and Iris look cute together, but she thinks of him as a brother. Poor Barry. Too bad she didn’t let him finish that sentence. I hope he gets to spit it out at some point, but I could see where the raised-as-siblings dynamic would be awkward. On the other hand, I read the entire Flowers in the Attic book series and they were blood relatives. I’m ashamed of myself, so I have the paperbacks hidden away.
  8. Harrison Wells looks shifty. Barry likes him, so I guess he’s okay.
  9. Oh, no, Barry’s dad got arrested for his mom’s murder?! He didn’t kill her. I hope his name is cleared, but you never know, things tend to go sideways for these comic-book protagonists. Look what they did to poor Spider-Man.
  10. Did Barry get even cuter after the lightning strike? He looks older, too. I thought he was in high school. #CougarBait
  11. Ah, he’s just become a superhero. I thought he was already The Flash; this is why I need Mr. TV Recaps’ explanations.
  12. Oh, so Wells is his mentor; I was too hasty. On the other hand, Barry has Detective West. Two mentors seems redundant.
  13. I guess these two people in the lab are sidekicks, I’m not feeling that yet, but I don’t want to get too judge-y since I may have jumped the gun on Wells.
  14. Aw, Barry spots Iris kissing the one they call “Detective Pretty Boy,” and looks glum. Poor Barry. If Iris is hiding this relationship from her dad, she shouldn’t be smooching her boyfriend on the street like that.
  15. Not to flip-flop, but Wells seems sketchy again. I don’t trust him.
  16. Is that Arrow? How do they know each other? I need backstory, and now I have to ask Mr. TV Recaps.  Do I have to watch that show, too?
  17. Well, now, if Iris’ dad hadn’t been so mean to Barry, he wouldn’t be in this position with the weather villain guy. Barry did tell an unbelievable story, but Detective West was harsh.
  18. Okay, maybe Wells isn’t a villain, he’s encouraging Barry to take down this weather villain guy.
  19. Iris’ dad knows the truth now. Jesse L. Martin is expressive, he is selling this scene where he apologizes. It’s good that he knows about Barry’s alter ego, it’s infuriating when nobody figures it out. Lois Lane was annoying. He won’t be as isolated as other superheroes because Mr. West will give him pats on the back.
  20. Mr. West doesn’t want his daughter to know about Barry, though. Why all the secrecy? But then she’s hiding her relationship with that other guy who she smooches on the street in broad daylight. Barry isn’t saying how he feels. This is one hush-hush household.
  21. He just got out of his wheelchair! I knew it! Wells is up to no good.

I’m doing the math to figure out how many episodes I can watch a day. #RecapperProblems

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