The Succubus Bio

The Succubus (Caroline Ford) on Sleepy HollowThe Succubus (Caroline Ford, human form; Elena Sanchez, demon form)

Alternate Name: Lilith

First Appearance: “Heartless

Backstory: The succubus seduces her prey, then sucks out their life force, turning them into shriveled corpses. They feed monthly. A succubus has no heart, the organ is stored away from the body. To destroy the creature, one must extinguish its heart. They are drawn by desire, particularly secret desire.

Recent Developments: As part of another plan to raise Moloch, Henry summoned the succubus to collect the life force of various victims. She sensed secret desire in Hawley, whom she attacked, and Ichabod.

Distinguishing Features: Flowing dark hair and a pretty face while in human form, glowing eyes and horns when in demonic forms. She’s a horny devil.

Special Abilities: She can present herself as the kind of woman her prey desires.

Notable Victims: Club Twerk patron Robbie (Connor McCabe) and Becky (Mary Russell), who was secretly in love with Melissa.

Famous Last Words (to Ichabod): I can sense your desire. It burns strong, even though you try so hard to hide it. And yet… the emotion in your heart has soured, hasn’t it? I know that taste. It’s the taste of doubt.

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