18 Thoughts on How to Get Away with Murder: “It’s Called the Octopus” — Oct. 8, 2015

Connor, Laurel, Asher, West and Michaela on How to Get Away with Murder

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How to Get Away with Murder‘s “It’s Called the Octopus,” was all kinds of crazy. That’s redundant. Nobody watches HTGAWM for SANE scenarios.

  1. Must all the mystery scenes be dimly-lit and washed in shades of dark blue or green?
  2. Annalise Keating boozing it up and eating ice cream out the carton = relatable.
  3. Annalise needs to move to a brightly lit condo in a gated community or a penthouse apartment. Skulking about in the shadowy House of Death is no bueno.
  4. Hi, Sherri Saum from Sunset Beach and One Life to Live. I haven’t seen you in a minute. Trivia: A rival impregnated Sherri Saum’s Sunset Beach character with a  turkey-baster. #SoapOperasBeLike
  5. Sherri Saum just uttered this sublime sentence: “Then put me on the stand, I’ll make it clear I didn’t kill him with my vagina.”
  6. Orders Annalise barks at her students: “Move! Find me a sex party!”
  7. A sex position named “Octopus?” Nope.
  8. Ooh, the adopted siblings at the center of this season’s case may be up to some “Flowers in the Attic.” shenanigans! Just as I suspected.
  9. Connor needs Michaela’s help at the sex club. “That’s why you’re here, to make sure I stay soft.” Poor Michaela. It’s a hard-knock life for her…
  10. Laurel and Frank’s relationship is unsettling. Does anyone ship them? Is there a #Flank hashtag?
  11. Aw, Levi is using Michaela? She is the “Poor Edith” of this show.
  12. So Levi is looking for Rebecca, whom he will never find because Bonnie whacked her — it was a mercy killing, Rebecca was annoying. Levi called her “Eggs” because their foster father made her lick up raw eggs off the floor. Ha Ha? Alternate nicknames: “Salmonella” and “Emotional scars.”
  13. Levi rightly suspects Rebecca is a goner, but Wes says, “nobody wanted to hurt her.” (Tentatively raises hand.)
  14. Connor thinks he deserves a merit badge for not cheating on his boyfriend at a sex party. Oh, Connor.
  15. Levi speaks Latin, good for Michaela.
  16. Oh, psych! Annalise was not dressing for the sex party; it was for Mr. Sexy Cop. Or Mr. Sexy Ex-cop.
  17. Wait, Nate is working with Wes?
  18. Well, then Nate is Mr. Shady Ex-cop!

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC

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