27 Thoughts on Scandal: “Paris is Burning”— Oct. 8, 2015

Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) in "Paris is Burning" on Scandal

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I wasn’t going to write anything about Scandal, but Olivia Pope ended the previous episode with the word “Yes” last week, and one person casually suggested a whole bunch of people clamored for me to do it. What choice did I have? Gotta give that one person the people what they want, right?

  1. Fitz: “We cannot lie!” Since when?
  2. Fitz dismissing Mellie to go sit in the corner until they are ready for the interview? Chutzpah.
  3. Mellie is culpable, too. One minute she’s practically shipping Olivia and Fitz by continually calling Liv in to fix things, then she’s had enough and gives a sit-down interview to expose the affair. Now cheating accusations have come up again and she wants to quash them.
  4. Oh, to see Papa Pope’s face right now. He’d be delivering some severe side-eye.
  5. If Cyrus Beene were still at the White House, he’d be hot-footing it through the tunnels and wooing another heart attack. Can you imagine?
  6. This crisis better not be a dream sequence. I keep thinking Olivia is just going to “wake up” and it will be a fake-out.
  7. Cyrus! Welcome back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!
  8. Mellie wants Olitz to “remain discreet?” After Olivia’s one-word press conference? That’s crazy talk. Mellie already made it her mission to expose her husband’s philandering, so it’s too late for all that.
  9. Olivia didn’t lie to Abby when she said she’s “not sleeping with him.” Olitz never sleep. They are too busy rolling around in the sheets.
  10. Jake is still hanging around Gladiator headquarters watching the news about his ex-girlfriend going public with her actual boyfriend. It’s just not dignified. What is in it for him except for occasional second-place spooning? Doesn’t he have someone to assassinate? No work ethic.
  11. “I think I made a mistake.” You think so Olivia? Impulsively blowing up your affair after you two already denied it the last time this happened was a mistake. For Olivia, not for the viewers, of course, who eat up this drama. Do any of the reporters remember that Fitz and Liv’s names have been linked in the past?
  12. How do Fitz’s appearances help Mellie on the campaign trail? Would she not look more powerful if she ditched him and did it on her own? Well, it’s worked before…
  13. If Fitz and Mellie don’t split up for real in this episode, I’m so done with this show.
  14. That is such a lie. I have never missed an episode.
  15. FLOTUS wearing pearls and downing hooch from a Mason jar is everything.
  16. Fitz’s “I’m sorry” speech to Mellie = copious side-eye. James Ingram, huh? The lyrics: How do you keep the music playing?/How do you make it last?/How do you keep the song from fading/Too fast. You are breaking up with your wife — again — Fitz, there is no music to play. You do not make it last. The song has faded, and it was not too fast.
  17. Whatcha writing Fitz?
  18. Is that what I think it is?
  19. Come on, how long does it take to finish that letter? Just write: “I no longer wish to be President Fitzgerald Grant. Bye, Felicia!”
  20. What is going on here, did Huck burn down the Louvre?
  21. So Liv wants Abby to slut-shame her at a press conference? Say what now?
  22. Welp, guess it’s handled.
  23. Yay, it’s Papa Pope! He’s ready to shiv someone with that pencil, I bet. Would you give Rowan Pope a sharp object in prison? A crayon, maybe. Here comes Jake. Why is he on the visiting list?
  24. Oh, for fuck’s sake, is this another Vitamin B6 thing or whatever?
  25. I’m done.
  26. Totally done
  27. Until next week.

Scandal airs Thursdays at  9/8c on ABC

Elaine G. Flores, Chief Editor
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