37 Thoughts on How to Get Away with Murder: “It’s Time to Move On” — Sept. 24, 2015

Viola Davis as Annalise Keating and cast of How to Get Away with Murder season two.

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How to Get Away with Murder returned for a second season this week with the episode “It’s Time to Move On.” Here are some stream-of-consciousness ramblings on the premiere. *Wine was consumed while writing this.

  1. Am I really into a second season? I didn’t love the first season as much as I wanted to.
  2. Except for Viola Davis, who is everything.
  3. I really did not care for Rebecca, so I’m glad she’s gone.
  4. Wait, am I going to have to see her in flashbacks all season?
  5. Only ten days later?
  6. Annalise/Viola is rocking that green dress and her hair is on-point.
  7. Wow, when did Wes get so mouthy?
  8. Seriously, Wes, you don’t talk to a man like Moe Greene like that — and you most definitely do not talk to a woman like Annalise Keating like that.
  9. Michaela: “Oh, you want me to stop being annoying?” Yes, Michaela, I’ve wanted you to be less annoying since Day One.
  10. Case of the week grievance: I’d like everyone to not use the phrase “real children” when talking about adoptees.
  11. Bonnie is into Asher now and he’s giving her the brush-off, that has got to sting.
  12. That’s the way he rolls, Bonnie, you should have seen the way he treated Dayanara Diaz.
  13. Watch it Asher, you could be the next to die. Bonnie strikes me as crazy.
  14. Why, hello, Mr. Sexy Cop, you have been missed.
  15. “White folks, always bringing up race when it suits them, never when it matters.” Thanks for the quote of the week, Nate aka Mr. Sexy Cop.
  16. Nancy Lee Grahn desperately wanted to Tweet something stupid about that, but her publicist just put duct tape on her hands.
  17. That purple coat with the red trim? Hand it over, Annalise.
  18. Another one, Michaela? No gaydar at all. She certainly has a type.
  19. The way Annalise looks at Wes is unnerving.
  20. What’s going on here, is Frank checking out Michaela’s online dating profile?
  21. The relationships on this show are so bizarre.
  22. Yep, it looks like we’ll be seeing Rebecca all season. Sigh.
  23. Bonnie did it! I thought she was guilty all Season One and she wasn’t, but now she is.
  24. Asher seriously better watch his back. Though, I wouldn’t mind if she took him out.
  25. Bonus, now that the murder mystery has been solved are we done with Rebecca scenes?
  26. I’m getting a vibe here, was Annalise involved with whoever it is Famke Janssen is playing?
  27. I didn’t think she…
  28. Oh, she does.
  29. Another Annalise outfit I want. The trim on this white jacket is so cute.
  30. Connor is into being monogamous now? Wasn’t he a man slut a couple of days ago?
  31. Look at Annalise getting her club on. These characters always seem like they are on the verge of an orgy.
  32. These students may get extra credit.
  33. Two months later already? Is Wes coming out of the case-of-the-week house?
  34. Wait, what?
  35. Annalise got shot?!
  36. Holy shit!
  37. I’m so in.

What did you think about the episode? Comments don’t appear immediately, but we promise we’ll get to them.

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