How to Get Away with Murder: “It’s All Her Fault” — October 2, 2014

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The episode takes place two-and-a-half months ago. That means we’re inching our way to the Present Day Presumed Murder.

  •  Flashback Case of the Week: Annalise poses a question to the class: Are her clients innocent or guilty? She says she doesn’t care. This gives Wes a chance to widen his eyes because that’s how he responds to everything. Annalise notes that everybody is a liar, she points to Asher Milstone. Did I not tell you people he’s the type to become a prison guard and impregnate an inmate? Let’s pay a bit more attention to this case because a rich woman died and her husband, Max St. Vincent is the suspected murderer. He’s played by Steven Weber. Okay, that’s enough of that. This subplot is reminiscent of the real-life Michael Peterson “Staircase Murder.” Watch the documentary and let’s move on.
    HTGAWM: Nate tells Annalise to leave him alone

    Mr. Sexy Cop and crazy talk

  • Mr. Sexy Cop confronts Annalise. He’s licking his wounds because she blackmailed him on the stand in the last episode and he’s fallen out of favor at the police department. “I’m done with your crazy,” he says. He’s got a pair. He threatens to tell her husband intimate details of their affair. Based on the desk action, that could be uncomfortable….
  • Flashback Presumed Murder (two-and-a-half months ago). Annalise gets called crazy again; this time by Sam after she asks if he was screwing the late Lila Stangard. After all, she was his student and it happened before. He assures “Annie” he’s innocent, she apologizes and kissing ensues. After the trial ends (Annalise obviously won), Sam wants to celebrate with wine. She checks his phone for the second time and takes off to see Mr. Sexy Cop. She’s freaking out: Lila was one of Sam’s students and they were close. Mr. Sexy Cop brings up his probation, yet she begs for help. In bed, Sam asks if there’s anything she wants to discuss, Annalise deflects by straddling him, as you do.
  • In another flashback, Asher suggests to the others that Wes didn’t earn his spot on the team, ergo he’s Annalise’s secret baby. Michaela shuts that foolishness down. She had it together in the halcyon days before she was burying bodies. That conversation rattles Laurel who seeks out Bonnie Winterbottom (Liza Weil),  Annalise’s colleague, to stammer about her relationship with Keating’s associate Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber). Laurel wonders if she only got picked because of Frank. Bonnie tells her to save her personal drama and use her time to get Annalise to learn her name. Bonnie’s my kind of dame.
  • In other flashback news, Wes’s neighbor Rebecca muscles her way into his apartment claiming her shower isn’t working. Wes catches a news report about the Lila thing and recognizes Griffin O’Reilly, the late Lila’s boyfriend. Griffin’s being questioned by the police and Wes remembers him as the jock he saw fighting with Rebecca. He asks about it but she brushes him off. Wes later sees cops escorting Rebecca from her apartment, and tells her not to talk without a lawyer. Rebecca responds with her usual charm. Her former drug charges are revealed on the news. Wes recalls the shower request, heads to the bathroom and finds a hidden phone.
    Rebecca How to Get Away with Murder

    These cops take noise complaints seriously.

  • Now we’re getting to the good part. Present Day Presumed Murder: In a convenience store Wes disguises himself with a hoodie because that’s what TV characters do and fills his basket with accelerant. As his conspirators sit outside listening to Christmas music, he buys a burner and tells someone: “I just wanted to tell you we’re taking care of it. They didn’t want to at first, but I got them to come around. We’re gonna protect you.” Afterward, he rushes to what looks like a motel and knocks on door 203. Rebecca answers the door. They hug and kiss.

The Verdict: Good surprises in this episode. I didn’t see the Wes and Rebecca thing coming. I didn’t think it was sexual tension, I thought it was blatant hostility on her part.

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2 thoughts on “How to Get Away with Murder: “It’s All Her Fault” — October 2, 2014”

  1. Geri Moran says:

    It is easier to keep the flashbacks straight reading them in your recaps than it is watching the show!

    1. Elaine F. says:

      Glad you’re enjoying the site. The timeline makes me dizzy.

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