Dear Sleepy Hollow, How are You?

Sleepy Hollow: “The Weeping Lady” — October 20, 2014

Dear Sleepy Hollow,

The Sleepyheads miss you. We may or may not rewatch the pilot and “Tempus Fugit,” just to savor the parallels. We may or may not hit pause to look at the photos on Abbie’s cellphone. It doesn’t even matter that we know nobody was around to take those pictures or that we’re not sure if 18th-century Ichabod would use the Little-endian (day, month, year) format or Middle-endian (month, day, year) format to enter his birthday as the password.

We know that you think about us all the time, too because the fandom worked their collective ass off and put up with some name-calling from a shadowy fringe organization.Bye Felicia Gif

Angel, Cordelia,  Lorne, Gunn and Fred on Angel

The Angel Investigations staff were roomies

Did you know that Lieutenant Abbie Mills is homeless? She used to have an apartment, but now she may be living out of her car. Ichabod has been squatting at a cabin up by Trout Lake, but if Joe Corbin finds out he’ll likely face eviction. Crane fancies a “three bedroom, two bath Craftsman because he wants a roomy love nest to share with his Leftenant, but he was gobsmacked by how much it costs to buy a home these days. Oh, well, maybe the police department will start paying him. There is one spacious piece of property to accommodate everyone, Frederick’s Manor; it is a fixer-upper, but it would give the Witnesses and their allies a place to stay. That sort of arrangement has worked before, Angel and his fellow champions lived together at the Hyperion Hotel in Los Angeles, it made for an easy commute.

Calvin Riggs Sleepy Hollow

Calvin moves fast.

Is Abbie seeing anyone these days? Just about every man who crosses Abbie’s path falls for her. Her boyfriend Luke Morales didn’t want to let things go — except for his storyline because he pulled a Bobby Martin; check the attic at Tarrytown Psychiatric! Orion the dark angel gave her a magic burner phone so she could keep in touch, and investigative reporter Calvin Riggs was surreptitiously taking photos of and texting Abbie within hours of meeting her. Benjamin Franklin was a little flirty, too. She’s got so many interests, she’s bound to meet someone in yoga class, at a Mets game or karaoke night. She might even hit up the Jane Austen book club. (Remember how she and Hawley discussed their shared appreciation for Austen?)

Will the witnesses be traveling during their summer vacation? Sheriff Corbin said there are covens all over the East Coast and the cases track through Boston, DC, and Manhattan. Sheriff Corbin had such a mesmerizing voice, are there any more audio recordings in the archive?

Ichabod and Abbie hug Sleepy Hollow

So platonic (side-eye)

Do the Witnesses keep in touch with the Horseman? Not the scrawny one with the head, the hulking one who used to strut about town like a BAMF? It’d be kind of fun to get a reunion with some of the other Horsemen. It would be like that time we got to see Destiny’s Child at the Superbowl!

Abbie and Ichabod always unresolved sexual tension all over the place. There seems to be a lot of lingering glances and touching. Do you think they ever dream about each other? I bet they dream about kissing. Can you imagine if they kissed — in a dream, not in real life, of course because they’re “just friends.”

Say hi to everyone for us. Tell Grace Dixon we hope she comes back real soon. Holler at Cynthia and Macey Irving  and the Kindred and Sheriff Reyes and Seamus Deacon of Geronimotors, and Big Ash. We probably forgot someone, but send our regards anyway!



Did we leave anything out? Please leave a comment. (They don’t appear immediately, but we’ll get to them.)



Elaine G. Flores, Chief Editor
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7 thoughts on “Dear Sleepy Hollow, How are You?”

  1. Barbara Ruffin says:

    Maybe Rev Knapp had some more stuff that he kept tuck away somewhere and #Teamwitness can find and it can help in their quest.. to stop the end of days. Maybe he was the one that help Grace honed some of her witchery skills I would like to know more of Ms. Grace Dixon witchy skills.

    1. Elaine F. says:

      Thanks for writing. Great ideas, Reverend Knapp was so intriguing. Grace Dixon could be the strongest Team Witness ally.

  2. Melissa says:

    Thanks for writing this, it made my day! I’ve been a little depressed without my weekly dose of Sleepy Hollow and the team. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for S3–with a new showrunner and elimination of Crane Family drama, anything is possible. I’m also hoping the creep factor returns in the upcoming season and agree with your thoughts on Headless. While I find Neil Jackson to be a great actor and enjoyed his scenes (I might be the only one!), he isn’t necessarily a formidable foe. Now that Katrina and Henry are gone, I’d like to see a way where they utilize his acting chops and keep him as a supporting character but find someone else to take Headless’ place, so the Horseman (or Horsemen, if they bring in the others) is again frightening. Of course we can’t have it both ways, and I don’t see how Headless can revert to Abraham without Katrina’s magic. Perhaps a new witch will come along to take her place (Macy? Cynthia?) I think a show like this definitely needs witch; Katrina just wasn’t it.

    I’m also excited to see how they will handle Ichabod’s new singlehood and what that means for our favorite duo. I’m not a huge fan of romance becoming the main theme of any of my favorite shows, especially on a supernatural thriller show, but I love Abbie and Ichabod’s chemistry and hope they explore it. Subtly at first because I think it will be a bit artificial if they just dive right into it. They can totally milk this thing for a few seasons if executed properly because I think many of us enjoy watching the love grow and slowly unfold.

    1. Elaine F. says:

      Thanks for writing, Melissa. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. You make a good point about Neil Jackson. Can’t he just be a 21st-century lookalike? Outlander has Tobias Menzies as characters from the 18th and 21st centuries. I miss Headless and the Apocalyptic angle. Buffy and Angel had multiple End Days scenarios.

      We all miss our Sleepy Hollow, I’ll make sure you have something fresh now and then! :)

  3. Paisley says:

    Thanks for this. I was intrigued by the same characters as you: Seamus, Big Ash, and Rev. Knapp. And what happened to Morales? I’m pretty sure Abbie had a house, not an apartment. Would love for the team to spend time there in season 3. Henry said Fredericks Manor was a nexus of evil so maybe not a place to hang out.

  4. Gena says:

    Some very interesting and good points you make. I miss this show so much I’ve been watching the train wreck that is season 2. Yes, all of it. Crazy, right? The only I disagree with is the kiss. It has to happen in real time. Saying it could happen in a dream leaves the door wide open for someone to decide a whole season of awesome things that we’ve always wanted to happen, but at the end Icabod wakes up and Katrina ends up being in the shower. They can have almost kisses in dreams for a little fandom torture. Personally, I wanna see Ichabod just lose it at odd times just because the pressure is on. Like maybe he sees loving families during the course of his day and bottles it up til he explodes like a warm soda in a paint mixer.

    1. Elaine F. says:

      Thanks for writing Gena! Rewatching the show is not crazy, at all, lots of fans are doing that. Okay, almost kisses are pretty good, too. I still would like a full-on fantasy smooch, though. Ichabod’s occasional freak-outs are always interesting. I’d like to see some pent-up rage as long as he doesn’t direct it at Abbie.

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