31 Thoughts on Sleepy Hollow “One Life” — Feb. 5, 2015

Sophie, Ichabod, Jenny and Joe work in the archives on Sleepy Hollow

Photo: Fox

The long national nightmare is over, Sleepy Hollow is back for the second half of Season 3. So let’s just get to it with some stream-of-consciousness ramblings in advance of the full recap, which will be up in a couple of days.

  1. Here we go, here we go, here we go! Oh, it’s a Betsy Ross flashback. Here we went. I don’t hate her at all, I just kind of forgot about her.
  2. Who were we talking about again? This action scene is awesome! Since the show moved from North Carolina to Georgia, the look is far more cinematic, don’t you think?
  3. Ichabod in a motorcycle helmet? Swoon. Let’s all pretend that this is the opening shot.
  4. I don’t like the way Pandora’s husband speaks to her. He just sits around criticizing her. Little Miss Crazy Pants went to a lot of trouble to bring him into this realm and she should have left him wherever he was. Let’s hope she gives him a quickie divorce and comes over to Team Witness. Ichabod can help with that, he shivved his first wife.
  5. Ichabod is distraught about Abbie’s disappearance. He can’t fix this as fast he did when she was in Purgatory. Good. He needs to think about how grim life is without Lieutenant Abigail Mills. The writers are using this as therapy because they think about how much you people torment them to make sure they do right by Abbie.
  6. Here we go with Jenny and Joe. Jenny Mills is a dynamic character, not a sidekick at all. When you bully your friends into watching the show talk to folks about what makes Sleepy Hollow special, don’t forget to mention that in addition to Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane, the writers have done a fine job of creating rich supporting characters. Of course, even the best writing won’t work without solid actors like Lyndie Greenwood and Zach Appelman.
  7. Ichabod + frozen lasagna = everything. That’s a gas flame, though. Who is paying the gas bill? How is the electricity at Abbie’s house still on? That damn sexy hobo can’t afford all that. One day we’re going to find out he’s robbing liquor stores and gas stations or something. Well, she’s only been gone a month. Abbie probably has automatic bill-pay set up. She’s responsible like that and has probably never received a “Final Notice” envelope.
  8. Still perving on Abbie’s lingerie, I see. Well, Ichabod, maybe one day you will be lucky enough to see her in it. Or out of it. Ahem.
  9. Gasp. Look at that “Help Me” scrawled on the mirror. Seriously, ya’ll I just sort of let out a weird little gasp/yelp thing. And Ichabod has some special mystical thing happening on his arm. What does it mean? OMG, having a little bit of a freakout right now. Breathe, breathe.
  10. Mr. TV Recaps has wandered off. He’s a Sleepy Hollow widower.
  11. @CynaColorado says the husbands of Sleepy Sisters need a support group. I agree, they need somewhere to hang out and talk with other survivors. It’d be all: “So then around one o’clock in the morning, she finally got off Twitter or Tumblr or Tinder or whatever it’s called and she asked me to speak in a British accent. I mean she realizes Ichabod’s a fictional character, right? One time she gave me a bottle of Windex and things got weird.”
  12. Hmm, why does Sophie also have this mark on her arm? Abbie barely knows her and would have no reason to communicate with her. Ichabod seems to be taking this in stride when he should be giving Agent Foster some major side-eye. He’s lost his grip a little bit so he’s probably just not thinking clearly.
  13. Yay, Abbie! Just a flash, but still. She may be in the underworld, but her hair and makeup is on point.
  14. Dying? Nope. Abbie Mills is not dying. You really don’t want to trifle with Abbie fans.
  15. Shifty Randall, one of Jenny’s unsavory associates, is back!  In the past, this show has ditched some potentially interesting characters too soon: Reverend Knapp, Abbie’s MIA ex-boyfriend Luke Morales and poor Caroline. It’s good to have these recurring characters. Much better for world-building.
  16. Betsy again. I’m just gonna go refill this goblet. Nothing better than drunk blogging, amirite?
  17. Yay, the masonic cell is back! Missed that place. The Freemasons nearly made Ichabod kill himself there, the Horseman was held captive there. Good times. You know, the cell is still in working condition, if all the lights go out at Casa de Abbie, Ichabod can move in there. Not sure about the bathroom situation, but he can do a splash bath at Starbucks or something like all the other damn sexy hobos.
  18. What the hell? Who is that creepy spirit girl? Shudder. Thanks for the nightmares, Sleepy Hollow. Why is she attacking Sophie? Welp, now that thing is unleashed. Sophie’s upset that Ichabod is being reckless to get Abbie back. It’s in character. When he was trying to rescue Katrina from Purgatory, he risked unleashing evil on the world in “The Indispensable Man.” (We’ve slowly been adding Season 1 recaps and updating our Sleepy Hollow bios during the hiatus, so that recap was actually just posted today.)
  19. That Katrina rescue mission really did lead to more demons entering the world, it would be interesting to see if that happens when Abbie gets out of wherever she is. How would she react to that?
  20. Okay, we’re going to need to talk about this scene with Ichabod gazing at Abbie’s photo and carrying on a conversation with it. Between that and the lingerie you really have to wonder what goes on there.
  21. It’s time for actual Abbie, though. It’s somewhat unnerving to see Ichabod working with someone else. Sophie’s in the archives and in the masonic cell, she better not be looking for a Fondle in the Forest.
  22. Nicole Beharie fans always have to be on Code Red. It’s PTSD.
  23. Look at Randall and his goons trying to get the jump on Joe Corbin. Nope, Joe is a military man, son.
  24. “I’m a person who knocks heads and moves around.” Jenny “BAMF” Mills, ladies and gentlemen. Jenny’s guilt and despair about Abbie’s death is so real. Good job mining their complicated relationship.
  25. About this ghoul girl, this scene is getting way too much like Japanese horror, which is the most terrifying horror.
  26. Did Jenny just say “love?” Yep. It’s love. Congratulations to Jenny and Joe. At least one of the Mills sisters has a romantic relationship. One down, one to go.
  27. Betsy. Flashback. Something. History. Twistory. Wine refill.
  28. Jenny is also giving Sophie some side-eye. She speaks for all of us when she wants to know what Agent Foster is doing in the archives. Watch your back, sister.
  29. Abbie! Finally! Wait, how is this the end of the episode already?
  30. This is entirely too stressful. Where’s the Windex?
  31. Where’s the Windex?

What did you think? We live for the smart, funny Sleepy Head observations. Comments don’t appear right away, but we promise we’ll get to them.

Sleepy Hollow airs Fridays at 8/7c on Fox.

Elaine G. Flores, Chief Editor
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6 thoughts on “31 Thoughts on Sleepy Hollow “One Life” — Feb. 5, 2015”

  1. paisley says:

    …..aaaaaand, again, you have me cracking up! So great to have your rambling thoughts back!

    1. Elaine F. says:

      Aww, thanks so much! I aim to amuse you.

  2. Mauve_Avenger says:

    Did you miss when Ichabod called Abbie his better half? I’m STILL plotzing!

    1. Elaine F. says:

      Hi there, Mauve! I was so busy freaking out over so many other details, I didn’t focus on that but I will in the full recap. Plotz away!

  3. carolyn says:

    Your commentary is hilarious and so on point I look forward to your next post.

    1. Elaine F. says:

      Thank you so much, Carolyn! We aim to amuse.

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