How to Get Away with Murder: “We’re not Friends” — Oct. 23, 2014


Annalise and Sam How to Get Away with MurderIt’s the little things that can trip you up. Sam is going to learn that lesson. Also, a generic coat of paint would solve a lot of problems.

  • Flashback Case of the Week: To protect his abused mother, Ryan gunned down his dad. His father was a cop so the police are out to get Ryan. Voir dire ensues and Team Defense tries to find jurors with a bias against the cops. Somehow Ryan’s blog is useful for the case, he has 800 entries. He’s so prolific, I’m jelly. The whole thing ends up in a mistrial which means the charge will be bumped to juvenile court. Ryan will likely get probation and community service…. When Frank chides Laurel about her risky techniques during the trial, they end up in a kiss. She brings up he boyfriend, then rushes to Kan and hurls herself at his nether regions.
  • Present Day Presumed Murder: As the felonious five deal with Sam’s corpse, Laurel gets a phone call from Frank and admits to her conspirators that she’s having sex with him even though she’s seeing Kan. The other four persuade her to take the call because he’ll hear the bonfire in the background and it’ll help their cover story…. Michaela is freaking out about her lost engagement ring which could be used as evidence. I like to take off my rings before doing the dishes — or dumping a corpse. Laurel takes the bloody trophy to Frank. He doesn’t strike me as trustworthy. At least she didn’t go to Bonnie.
    HTGAWM: Laurel with Sam's Body

    Laurel’s got so many men and so little time to dispose of a body.

  • Flashback Presumed Murder: It’s still seven weeks earlier. We pick up right where we left off last week. Annalise has found the picture of her husband’s penis on a dead girl’s phone, Sam obviously has to confess, he had an affair with Lila over the summer. Annalise asks for details. Not to point fingers, but let’s not forget about Professor Keating’s desktop romp with Mr. Sexy Cop. Turns out that Sam cheated with Annalise while married to his first wife, so she knows his pattern. To quiet her down, Sam puts his hand over his wife’s mouth as they grapple on the bed. It is extremely uncomfortable to watch. Downstairs, Bonnie overhears the ruckus and when Sam gets kicked out they trade significant looks. I don’t know what to think about Ms. Winterbottom. But I do know I love the name Winterbottom.
  • Annalise hits the booze and cries into her vodka. For me that’s a Tuesday. Psst, Sister, Tito’s is smooth and economical. Making matters worse, Mr. Sexy Cop blames her for his getting fired. He thinks she told his boss about them. He lets her know that he lied when he told her Sam’s alibi for the night in question checked out. He’s a Bitter Sexy Cop. Annalise knows how Bonnie got Rebecca’s confession tape: She is the one who told the cops that Mr. Sexy Cop searched Sam’s car. Annalise accuses Bonnie of protecting Sam, not her.
  • Sam returns home and tells Annalise the truth about the night of the murder. He wasn’t at Yale like he claimed. New plan: Rebecca is coming over for a supposed psych evaluation, but the Keatings just want to make sure Rebecca doesn’t recognize him or know about the affair. As Annalise listens in, Rebecca says that she knew Lila was seeing someone whom she called Mr. Darcy. Oh, and she saw the penis pic…. In a phone conversation Rebecca tells Wes that she spotted a detail at the house, the wallpaper is in the background of Sam’s naughty picture.

The Verdict: It sounds like Mrs. Peacock did it in the study with a candlestick, but okay, Show.

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2 thoughts on “How to Get Away with Murder: “We’re not Friends” — Oct. 23, 2014”

  1. Geri Moran says:

    This recap is even more entertaining than the show itself – love the line about taking your rings off to move a corpse! Well done!

  2. Elaine F. says:

    Aw, thank you! I aim to amuse.

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