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Geillis Duncan and Claire Fraser Outlander: “The Devil’s Mark”

Outlander: “The Devil’s Mark” — April 18, 2015

Curiosity about paganism caused 20th-century nurse Claire Randall to tumble through a portal, which landed her in 18th-century Scotland without her husband Frank.The year 1743 doesn’t have much going for it, but there is the dreamy Jamie Fraser. His likes include rebelling against the British, handsoming all over the place, saving Claire from dire predicaments and making ovaries explode. Claire’s hobbies include mind-blowing sex with Jamie and not understanding how 200 years ago works. She has one friend, suspected witch, Geillis Duncan, and one enemy, the charmless Laoghaire MacKenzie who understandably wants Jamie for herself. When Jamie left on a mission, Laoghaire set Claire up to get charged with witchcraft.

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Laoghaire MacKenzie on Outlander

Outlander: “By the Pricking of My Thumbs” — April 11, 2015

Returning to 1945 and her husband Frank Randall isn’t the priority it once was for Claire whose unintentional time travel landed her into the arms of 18th century heartthrob Jamie Fraser. Jamie’s hobbies include being handsome, repeatedly getting injured so that he has to take off his shirt, battling the sadistic redcoat Captain Black Jack Randall and working to have his name cleared of trumped-up murder charges so he can come out of hiding and assume his position as laird of his family estate, Lallybroch. Jamie and Claire’s sudden marriage dashed the hopes of Laoghaire MacKenzie, who believes that she would have Jamie were it not for Claire. The petulant pest hopes hocus-pocus will turn Jamie against his new wife. Oh Honey, there’s not enough magic in the world. On the other hand, Claire’s mysterious friend Geillis Duncan knows how to take out her own competition.

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Jamie holds a gun in Outlander

Outlander: “The Reckoning” — April 4, 2015

Accidental time traveler Claire Randall seems to have forgotten all about getting back to 1945 and her husband Frank, it’s not that she didn’t try, but you know how it is, after you’ve been beaten and almost raped by your husband’s 18th-century ancestor and lookalike a couple of times, the idea of seeing his face again isn’t that urgent. Now Claire has a younger, cuter husband, Jamie Fraser, who is dreamy despite his crazy hair. He is nearly perfect, except for this episode because Jamie spends a lot of time acting like a total jackass and I may have to break up with him.

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Claire Fraser on Outlander: Both Sides Now

Catch up on Outlander: “Both Sides Now”— Sept. 27, 2014

That whole accidental time travel thing has been rough on Claire Randall. She left her husband, Frank, back in 1945 and ended up in 1743. One thing led to another and now she’s married to dreamboat Jamie Fraser. I mean, it’s not like she has a Tardis. Have you seen Jamie and his crazy hair? Welp, that’s that. I guess she’s over that plan to escape the 18th century. Just clear sailing from here on out.

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Jamie and Claire's wedding on Outlander

Catch up on Outlander: “The Wedding” — Sept. 20, 2014

One minute you’re in 1945 with your husband Frank Randall and then you’re in 1743 to unresolved sexual tension all over the place with Jamie Fraser. That’s what happens when you go snooping around pagan ceremonies, Claire. The first person she encountered was Frank’s doppelganger, Captain Black Jack Randall. His curriculum vitae includes attempting to rape Claire and flogging Jamie until he nearly killed him. Claire’s been staying at Castle Leoch with the MacKenzie clan, Black Jack interrogated her with his fists and now the MacKenzies will have to turn the English woman over to the redcoats— unless she becomes a Scot by marriage. Rebel leader Dougal MacKenzie plays matchmaker and arranges for Claire and Jamie to have a quickie wedding.

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Black Jack whips Jamie on Outlander

Catch up On Outlander : “The Garrison Commander”— Sept. 13, 2014

Lieutenant Jeremy Foster thinks the MacKenzie clan might be holding Claire against her will. While she is technically a prisoner at Castle Leoch, it’s kind of complicated since Claire has a rapport with the Scots and gets to go to music recitals and everything. As the redcoats escort Claire to meet British officers. Dougal insists on coming along, when he’s not threatening to kill Claire, he can seem almost protective in his own suspicious and occasionally groping way. Claire realizes that yes the redcoats torture people, and yes they oppress the Scottish, but the Brits are her people. They don’t imprison her, exclude her by speaking Gaelic or look at her with suspicion. Claire thinks this is her chance to get dropped off in Inverness and find Criagh na Dun, the mystical standing stones that transported her to the 18th century.

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Jamie and Dougal on Outlander

Catch up on Outlander: “Rent” — Sept. 6, 2014

Just because Dougal MacKenzie threatens to slit your throat or assault you doesn’t mean he’s no fun at all. The Scottish rebel leader has invited Claire Randall on a road trip to collect rent for the laird because the travel party might need a healer. The only trip Claire wants to make is one on the Tardis so she get out of 1743 and return to her husband Frank who is all by his lonesome in 1945. Dreamy Jaime Fraser is on the trip too, but he doesn’t have as much time to unresolved sexual tension all over the place when he’s with his bros. It’s all “me too” instead of saying “I love you” when they’re on the phone.

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Claire Randall on Outlander

Catch up on Outlander: “The Gathering” — Aug. 30, 2014

Nurse Claire Randall has had just about enough of being imprisoned at Castle Leoch, thank you very much. Now that she’s familiar with a local legend about time travel, Claire is certain that she can find her way to Craigh na Dun and the mystical stone which will deliver her from 1743 to 1945 where she can reunite with her husband, Frank, and her beloved disinfectant which she never shuts up about. She doesn’t realize that the 18th century is still a hardcore Claire and Jamie shipper and has no interest in dousing all that hot unresolved sexual tension.

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