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Jamie Fraser and Claire Randall listen to a folksong on Outlander

Catch up on Outlander: “The Way Out” — Aug. 23, 2014

Outlander wants you to know that Claire’s ahead of her time, so we get a shot of her husband waving goodbye as she goes to serve at the front as a nurse. It’s yet another one of those classic locomotive scenes, but with a gender twist. Frank avoids running alongside waving a hanky. Poor Frank, are there any Frank and Claire shippers? Do they have an amalgamated name yet? Until someone fills me in, I’m going with “Crank.”

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Shirtless Jamie Castle Leoch Outlander

Catch up on Outlander: “Castle Leoch” — Aug. 16, 2014

Claire is taken to meet Colum MacKenzie, laird of the castle and Jamie’s maternal uncle. Gotta be honest, he’s no Dougal. Claire has the good sense to keep mum about her ride on the Tardis, so she makes up a cover story about being a widow, who was traveling to France. She does tell the truth about nearly being raped by Black Jack Randall, but wisely uses the surname Beauchamp since a tie to Black Jack is the kind of thing that gets your throat slit.

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