Colonel Tarleton Bio

Craig Parker as Colonel Tarleton on  Sleepy Hollow Colonel Tarleton (Craig Parker)

First Appearance: The Sin Eater

Backstory: The Redcoat was Ichabod’s superior when Crane fought for the British. He believed that freed slave Arthur Bernard was a mysterious author, “Cicero” advocating an American rebellion and ordered Ichabod to interrogate Bernard. Tarleton ordered the public execution of three men found guilty of treason. Tarleton had the men hanged as an example. When Crane objected, pointing out that a boy seeing his father in a noose might lead to more rebellion, Carleton threatened to have Ichabod tried for treason as well. After Ichabod defied orders and secret released Bernard, Tarleton arrived on horseback and shot Bernard in the back. Ichabod saw Carleton’s true monstrous face, making him the first demon Ichabod knowingly encountered.

Distinguishing characteristics: In demon form, he has a blue face and pointy ears.

Quote: “Don’t make me doubt your loyalty, Crane.”

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