Quantico Recap: “Aquiline”

quantico-shelby-and-alexWill exposed himself last week when he sided with Miranda and the terrorists. The deception and lies keep coming this week as we learn another beloved character has done the same.

This Week’s Flashback: So this week’s lesson on the Farm is all about drones. More importantly, when agents should and shouldn’t use them. Owen has the group look into a case from 2011 and determine unanimously if the agency should use a drone to execute a suspect.

The group decides to execute, but, plot twist, this isn’t an old case. It’s currently going on and the group has 22 minutes to decide if they want to stick with their answer. With a man’s life on the line, the group can’t decide unanimously, making their answer a no. But Owen, being Owen, strikes anyway. In the end, the target was guilty and, according to Owen, ‘it’s easy to live with a righteous kill.’ Okay Owen, okay.

So Ryan and Alex needed to find personal information on Harry to get him off their back. Ryan decides to use Harry’s boyfriend’s suicide. However, Harry apparently made up the suicide story to manipulate Sebastian. But wait there’s more! Sebastian overhears all of this and gives Harry the cold shoulder the rest of the day. It’s not until the end when they’re back in their room when Harry tells Sebastian he lied to Ryan about the story to protect his personal life. Seriously? These lies need to stop or I’m going to have to create a Venn diagram to keep up.

On the bright side, the one positive thing Harry did this episode was telling Ryan he would cover for him and Alex since she was having a hard day. To trust or not to trust?

Why was Alex having a bad day? She’s been dealing with the one-year anniversary of Simon Asher’s death. To recap, Simon was the one who sacrificed himself by driving a bomb into an icy river to save everyone. Of course the day the group has to decide if someone lives or dies falls on the same date. Let’s just say that Alex is a trooper.

This Week’s Present: In real time Alex is back with Lydia. Lydia explains she escaped after the hostage exchange to find computer drives the terrorist stole. Apparently, they hold a great deal of information, but to gather it the terrorist needed to decrypt the codes. That’s why they needed Boyer.

Lydia leads Alex through hallways and  seems a little too comfortable in this abandoned building. Lydia ‘proves’ her allegiance to Alex by taking some terrorist out because it’s revealed that Lydia apparently got Alex kicked out of the Farm and Owen is in prison. (Thanks for the spoiler alert Quantico Writers.)

As they near the drives, Lydia’s collar tightens around her neck and begins to choke her. Alex quickly grabs her gun and shoots it off ‘saving’ Lydia. I put air quotes because we all know where this is going.

When they find the drives Alex wants to destroy them but Lydia doesn’t. She admits she’s with the CIA currently and knocks Alex out as she steals the drives. Lydia not only leaves Alex tied up but set an alarm off. I hope she dies next.

Speaking of death, RIP to overachieving mom Leigh – cause she’s dead. In the hostages’ new room, the remaining recruits along with Raina try to connect the hostages to figure out why they’re still there. This is when a woman who claimed to be a CNN reporter grabs Leigh after she mentions being in Indonesia on her way to Jakarta. Apparently, that’s a big deal.

The woman and other terrorists rip Leigh away only to bring her back a few minutes later. Leigh says they just wanted to know why she was going to Jakarta and then she begins to choke. Leigh’s collar tightens so fast she is strangled to death in a very bloody way. You can’t unsee that. And to make things worse for the hostages, more terrorists come back for Raina and Dayana.

BUT WAIT! Come to find out it’s not Raina, but Nimah. The classic twin switcheroo! When she tells the terrorists, “You’re right, Dayana could be one of them” the camera slowly pans to the real Raina tied to a chair. WHAT?!

Ship of the Week: Shelby and Leon are officially together sneaking out to a motel late at night. I’m still all about this except when Nimah suggested that Shelby use her new fling to go undercover. Nimah is always trying to ruin a good thing.

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