Quantico Recap: “KMFORGET”



Last week’s episode had betrayal, revelations, suicide and more! That episode was wild, but this has all of those elements and more. And, after one character unexpectedly shows their true colors, we were all left emotionally spent.

This Week’s Flashback: Harry, easily the easiest-to-hate recruit, is still calling himself Julian and, oh yeah, sleeping with Will. He is using poor Will to uncover what Alex and Ryan are hiding. One way to the truth, he blocked Shelby’s number on Will’s phone. That will most likely be a future problem.

While Harry is snooping solo, Alex and Ryan are scoping out Leigh’s room to find clues that she did the bugging. With no luck, they leave and find Harry outside the door. Before he can confront them all three are attacked and sedated.

They wake entangled in a bed in the middle of the classroom. Apparently, 77 minutes of their lives are unaccounted for and that can’t happen in the field. This leads to the lesson of illusion. Owen wants them to make something that happened look like something else or even erase themselves from the picture.

The recruits are sent to a hotel, the Franklin Club, where they’re again put to the test. Harry volunteers, along with Ryan and Alex to case the room of a Tom Crawford. Owen warns that if they get caught and use their get-out-of-jail-free card, they’re automatically out of the Farm.

Since bugging Will’s phone and secretly recording him, Harry leaves a message for Shelby to meet him, aka Will, at the Franklin Club. Meeting people as other people; just another fun night spy world! Shelby, can’t reach Will, her number has been blocked remember, leading her and Nimah to go to the hotel. While at the hotel, Will calls Nimah saying his phone has been acting up. Nimah then describes Harry and gets the answer she needs. She gives a message to Alex and Ryan that Harry is out to expose them.

Meanwhile, the trio goes to Crawford’s room where there is not only a dead body on the bed but their DNA all over the place. Owen called 911 and the three have 13 minutes to case the place and get out. Or they’re out. To make a clean getaway Harry says he knows how to case the place but they have to confess to being FBI first. Harry leaves the room to frame Owen, but when Harry returns he realizes he’s been framed. The dynamic duo strikes back!

Back at the house, Leigh confides in Ryan and tells him how much she misses her life. He hands her a scotch, which is actually apple juice, because you know, illusion, to not only be friendly but to get her DNA. He’s such a good spy.

As Alex and Ryan are celebrating the small victories of the day, Harry ruins the moment by coming into the house. Apparently, he got out of custody but not using his card. So he gets to stay. Yay.

At a bar, Harry lays it all out and tells them he’s MI6, basically part of a foreign exchange program with Britain and the CIA. I call BS. Alex tries to one-up him and says that they’re both CIA AND FBI. However, before the blackmail continues Harry admits to bugging their room, meaning Leigh is possibly clean.

Present Day: Alex sneaks into a terrorist search party and blindsides them, shooting one in the head and knocking out the other two. She steals a phone they have been using to communicate and runs.

At FBI Headquarters, Miranda talks to Shelby about finding a hacker for the FBI better than Boyer to figure out why the terrorists needed him. However, we all know that’s not why she needs a hacker. She needs one because Boyer killed himself and now the terrorists need a replacement. Oh, and that replacement is Will.

In her office, Shelby shows Will the email from Boyer. She wants to know if it’s a ruse or if Miranda is definitely a terrorist. Will convinces Shelby that Miranda is actually innocent and says he wants to see her. Come to find out it’s because Will is in on the backstabbing plans too. He calls Miranda and tells her he’s convinced Shelby. Remember when I said poor Will? Yeah, I take that back.

In Alex news, she scrolls through the phone and finds the message ‘Alex Parrish is inside’ and looks defeated. Right then the terrorists shut the lights off. Lucky for them they have night-vision goggles ready to play a not-so-fun game of cat and mouse.

Ultimately Alex gets caught and surrenders. On her knees she says ‘do it already’ and that’s when one of them shoots the other terrorists in the group. She tells Alex to go as she plants Alex’s bracelet on a dead terrorist. She fakes Alex’s death by blowing up the hallway making Alex a literal ghost. Now that’s an ally.

As Alex is running to an exit she slams into Lydia and screams “How the hell did you get out?”

We’d all like to know that Alex.

Ship of the Week: So last week I thought DeAna was the best thing, but now I’m totally shipping Leon and Shelby. They awkward meet at a bakery and then again at the hotel while undercover. He asked to see her again and guess what, she did. Their love is forbidden which is why I’m ditching DeAna and hopping on the Leelby (maybe Sheon?) ship!

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