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Anna wants a Season “Two” with Adam on Unreal's "Everlasting"

5 Spin-off Ideas for UnREAL’s “Everlasting”

The fresh, witty, dark comedy UnREAL, my favorite new summer show is winding down. On the episode, “Two,” Quinn pushed “The Suitor” Adam to agree to a spin-off featuring his first year of marriage to one of the ladies. Not that I obsess over this show — which offers a fictional take on the Dementors behind dating competitions like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette — and by that I mean I totally obsess over this show. Here are submissions for “Everlasting” spin-offs.

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Quinn on UnREAL

8 Times UnREAL Everlasting Producers Were Awful People

It’s hard to believe that there are only four episodes left of the first season of UnREAL, Lifetime’s smart, funny, intense, dark series about behind-the-scenes machinations in the control room of fictional reality dating show “Everlasting.” The last episode, “Fly” was a jaw-dropper, the brutal producers pushed a contestant over the edge. Here are eight times the Everlasting producers were very bad people.

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Athena, the bachelor, Adam, and Faith on UnREAL

UnREAL: Save Athena — The Nomarosa Edition

Athena, played by Natasha Burnett, is a producer’s dream; tell Athena how to play her character and she will serve up some Nomarosa realness. That’s because she has her head in the game unlike all those other true-believers, those deluded starry-eyed ladies, who think they’ll ride into the sunset with The Bachelor, or as the male prize, Adam, is known as on UnREAL, The Suitor.

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Phto courtesy of Lifetime

Lifetime’s UnREAL is Here for the Right Reasons

UnREAL’s debut episode gets all the details right: the bland male prize, the mansion, the fountain, Shamiqua handles the mini talent show and don’t forget the prop, there’s always a prop, Mary, the designated desperate MILF, brings the stuffed animal. There are no roses to accept, but every lady is given a diamond bracelet, which she has to return when she gets kicked off. (Now, that’s really unkind!)

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