26 Thoughts on Sleepy Hollow: Novus Ordo Seclorum

The Hidden One Sleepy Hollow

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Welp, it’s the Sleepy Hollow fall finale. Where does the time go? Here are my stream-of-consciousness ramblings. Let’s go!

  1. Jenny is in trouble. Jenny BAMF Mills is in trouble. She’s lying on a bank while Pandora is in the water tending to “The Hidden Man.” The Hidden Man is already grousing to Pandora about water quality. He just woke up. Wait until he hears about fracking.
  2. Now he’s fussing because he thought Witnessing was an annoying fad.
  3. Sorry.
  4. What he needs to do is worry about his grooming. Pandora is all dressed up, and he needs to moisturize. He’s ashy.
  5. Crane says the Sisters Mills are like family. Yes, Jenny is your future sister-in-law, Abbie is your future wife.
  6. The Hidden Man and Pandy are messing with our Jenny, levitating her and whatnot. They make her scream in terror. Jenny BAMF Mills is screaming in terror.
  7. Allow me to step away for some Ativan. This is way too much anxiety.
  8. Oh, so the Hidden Man is a god.
  9. Ichabod is talking about Masons and the New World Order like my BFF/soul sister/stylist who keeps telling me that the Illuminati is real because she watched a Katt Williams YouTube video. I hope she isn’t watching this.
  10. Twistory time! Mr. TV Recaps, wanders into the room to say: “Does this mean we’re going to get more Ben Franklin this season? We haven’t had any air baths, and that’s bullshit.” I love him as much today as I did 21 years ago.
  11. The plot calls for a Red Cup campus party! Look at tiny Abbie dodging Solo cups, hee!
  12. More twistory. Ichabod’s flashback hair is on fleek. It’s the office hair he sports with the navy military uniform. Did you ever notice that his flashback ‘do is never as good with Betsy? She is MIA for the second week in a row. Good, I hope she is knitting a turtleneck. Winter is coming.
  13. Crane is boasting about his drawing ability. He just shows off for his “Leftenant.” He needs to show off his kissing and spooning skills.
  14. My girl, Pandora is down with the swirl, too? This show must drive some people insane. Well, they’ll always have Scandal if they don’t like it. Oh, wait.
  15. Pandy is talking to Abbie about the white trees. Ichabod and Joe are talking about the Wendigo. Solid Sleepy mythology.
  16. Joe is willing to go wolf if it saves Jenny, but Crane says Jenny will need Joe “in the form of a man, not a beast.”
  17. Abbie will need you in the form of naked, Crane.
  18. Agent Reynolds pushed Abbie too far. She just turned in her badge and her gun, you know that’s serious. Little Abbie Oakley loves packing heat. Well, she did pilfer office supplies. You and I go for the Post-It Notes, Abbie helps herself to the Zero Dark Thirty night vision goggles and explosives.
  19. The Hidden Man plans to do something to Jenny aka The Shard. Pandora says she wants to watch. What is this, Sleepy Hollow After Dark? Pandy needs to fly her freak flag on premium cable.
  20. Mr. Hidden Man cleans up nicely. Purrrrrrrrrrrr.
  21. “My Man!!” I know you already created the meme of Abbie saying that to Crane.
  22. You know, this rescue effort might go sideways, and a good-luck kiss is in order.
  23. Abbie’s shooting Pandora and Pandy’s all “Girl, bye.”
  24. Remember the time Buffy Summers confronted a god to save her sister who was “The Key” and Buffy sacrificed herself?…
  25. Abbie watch out for that tree! Don’t do it. Don’t go in there. Damnit, Abbie!
  26. Welp, Crane, you should have gone for the kiss.

What the hell am I supposed to do with my life now? I guess I’ll write a full recap.

We love the clever Sleepyhead comments. They don’t appear right away, but we promise we will get to them.

Sleepy Hollow returns on Friday, February 5 at 9/8c on Fox

Elaine G. Flores, Chief Editor
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4 thoughts on “26 Thoughts on Sleepy Hollow: Novus Ordo Seclorum”

  1. t says:

    Have I mentioned how much I flipping love your blog posts? I’m just over here dancing around in happy joy. I love a Sleepy ep where they’re ramping up for Capital-A Actshawn. No extra little side-stories creeping in to water down the mainline. No ice in this bourbon. Nope, Novus Ordo Seclorum was straight up Neat.

    (yeah, you know what I was sipping last night. what can I say, I ran out of coconut rum)

    12) I was getting worried with the flashbacks. Thought they were working up to slipping us a boob(sy), but NO! Happy damn day! Cos that would SO have brought the ep down several notches.

    14) Yeah. Heh. (sometimes y’just want to turn to the haters and say SUCK IT!)

    21). Yessah! New religion in a 5’1″ box right there. Who didn’t feel something in their chest when she said that?? Who didn’t?? You’s a lie!

    23) Yes. Aw bless. Abbie steady throwing bullets.

    25-26) Crane shoulda run up and throw’d himself through the tree right behind her. Remember how Abbie leapt into the timenado to save him from being killed in 1781? Without a second damn thought? Without the hint of a moment’s hesitation? Without even knowing what she was throwing herself into? I ain’t sayin’ nothin’ I’m just sayin’.

    I REALLY enjoyed this episode. First time I’ve been able to say that about a Sleepy ep in a loooong time. I must say, I can see where cc is trying to go with the ichabbie, but the way the show is going there just isn’t the time to get there on the slow boat…

    1. Elaine F. says:

      Hi, T.! Thanks for commenting, and for the kind words. I agree about 25-26 and I will have something to say. This cracked me up: “Yessah! New religion in a 5’1″ box right there.” Hilarious.

  2. BernieB says:

    Love your thoughts and can’t wait for the recap. You always make me laugh. #4 and #12 are my favorites.

    I’d love to see Abbie interact with Corbin, her mother, even Andy and Abraham, while Ichabod, Joe and Jenny work to bring her back. There’s a lot of potential with the mid-season finale set up.

    1. Elaine F. says:

      Thank you! Those are terrific ideas!

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