The Hessians’ Bio

One of the Hessians (Carsten Norgaard) shows off his chest tattoo on Sleepy Hollow.The Hessians

Alternate Name:  Shadow Warriors

First Appearance: “The Lesser Key of Solomon”

Backstory: The Hessians are German soldiers loyal to the British crown; they also protected an ancient weapon.

Recent Developments: A sleeper cell controlled by Moloch, they searched for a book of black magic written by King Solomon; the book was a doorway to the seventh of circle of hell and supposed to be used to raise 72 demons. To free the captured Horseman from a supernatural cell designed by Thomas Jefferson, the Hessians stole the Thracian Philae, an ancient relic which could break a hex spell like the one which protected the Horseman’s cell. The Hessians plotted to turn off the Sleepy Hollow Power West Grid to shut off the UV lights, which were weakening the imprisoned Horseman.

Special Abilities: Hessians are adept at blending into society.

Prominent Member: Gunther (Carsten Norgaard), a music teacher, who was interrogated by Ichabod, Abbie and Jenny, at Corbin’s Trout Lake cabin and took a cyanide pill. His fellow Hessians ended up storming the cabin with guns, so he probably could have held out a little longer.

Notable Victims: Jenny’s friend and barkeep Wendel Clark (Philllip DeVona)

Famous Last Words: “Moloch will rise.”

Well, that Backfired: After Hessians ordered her to drop the book, Abbie hurled it into a pit of fire.


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