How to Get Away with Murder: “Smile or Go to Jail” — Oct. 9, 2014

How to Get Away with Murder: Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) holds the trophy.

I find myself really getting drawn into the presumed murders. I get totally confused by the format, but enough; that’s what comes from sipping Tito’s Vodka while recapping. Let that be a lesson to you. Anyway, it’s now two months earlier in flashback time.

That Michaela is interesting. During flashback time she’s got her act together, but when we get to the present day, she needs Lorazepam. During a flashback she straddles her beau. I’ll learn his name when I need to. She introduces her fiancé to the gang. Connor knows him. Is it jumping the gun to want a love triangle with Michaela and Connor slugging it out for her man’s affections? Connor is still getting steamy with that IT guy, though. I’ll learn his name when I need to.

  •  Flashback Case of the Week: The case involves Anna Ortiz. Loved her on “Ugly Betty” and “Devious Maids,” but this is not worth my time. Anyway, she allegedly bombed something, then skips out before the trial ends. Maybe she’ll turn up later like they do on “The Good Wife.”
    Connor Michaela HTGAWM "Smile or Go to Jail"

    Connor and Michaela have something in common.


  • Flashback Presumed Murder: It’s two months ago. One of Lila’s accused killers, Griffin O’Reilly, has posted bail. Campus administration believes he’s innocent because he’s rich and also — sports. Who cares about that poor punk girl, amirite? The university wants Annalise to represent Griffin. That seems like a conflict of interest, but okay, Show. She calls Mr. Sexy Cop because she can’t take the case if her husband is the killer. Mr. Sexy investigates; Sam’s alibi is flimsy. Back to the case, Griffin is brought before the students and contends that Lila and coke-dealer Rebecca were friends. Lila caught them in bed and attacked Griffin, scratching him. That’s one way to get DNA under your nails.” According to his his tale, Rebecca planned the whole thing and later strangled Lila.
  • Wes gets a call on that phone he found in his bathroom. The caller asks for Lila. That means Rebecca hid the phone during her shower ruse. This is probably a red herring so don’t get too excited. Wes, whom I always pick on, does something clever: he heads to the jail and pretends he’s Rebecca’s lawyer. If he continues to be devious, I’ll like him. The trick works, but Rebecca hilariously hopes he’s not really her lawyer. Ingrate. He tells her he found the phone. She calls the guards and puts him on blast. I have to hate someone, can it be Rebecca? Uh-oh, Wes goes to Annalise and complains that Rebecca is getting the shaft. Well, he is right.
  • Michaela’s guy gets huffy when Connor brings up boarding school. That Connor likes to stir the pot, he mentions that something sexual happened at that New Hampshire school. Well, it gets cold in New Hampshire. Michaela upbraids her soon-to-be-ex. Good thing I didn’t bother to learn his name. Wait, what? Her wedding dress is Vera Wang. It’s bespoke, bitches. Not that off-the-rack foolishness. The engagement is on. Ugh, now I have to remember another name.
  • Present Day Presumed Murder: The felonious five argue about burning the body, but figure out they can use the campus bonfire as an alibi. I think that was evident from Episode One, but okay, Show. The gang grabs their Red Solo cups and fakes the fun. Except for shaky Michaela, the last girl you want to cover up a crime with. Wasn’t she paying attention? Annalise’s class is not called “How to Totally Get Caught Because You Freak Out About Murder.”
  • Important flashback:  Mr. Sexy Cop lies to Annalise and tells her Sam’s alibi checks out. That means she’s free to defend Griffin. Except she doesn’t, she’s defending Rebecca. She’s impressed with Wes’s moxie and awards him the justice trophy/murder weapon. Now Asher is going to persist with his stupid theory that Wes is Annalise’s son.
  • Big trouble for Present Day Presumed Murder: A hysterical Michaela lost her engagement ring. There’s a good chance it’s with the body. Thank goodness it wasn’t her Vera Wang. That would be tragic. Side-eye.

The Verdict: This episode was jam-packed with crucial plot points. What is up with Mr. Sexy Cop? Can I mention some minor details that pleased me? In bed, Annalise wrapped her hair to protect her ‘do. That is authenticity…. Asher fished for a compliment from Connor, who tells him: “You’re not eye candy, you’re meatloaf.” I may love Connor…. Asher refers to Professor Keating as Annalise and Bonnie implies that they may find his body in a ditch. But not in so many words. Or even close to those words.

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