5 Thoughts on How to Get Away with Murder: “Skanks Get Shanked” — Oct. 15, 2015


Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) and her students on How to Get Away with Murder

Photo courtesy of ABC

Annalise Keating has quite the felonious rep, now she’s getting requests. Here are stream-of-consciousness ramblings on How to Get Away with Murder‘s “Skanks Get Shanked.” Let’s go!

  1. Talking about your own fear when visiting your lover’s dying wife is iffy. At least bring a Whitman Sampler next time. So, the dying woman asks her husband’s mistress to put her out of her misery and kill her? People are starting to talk; Annalise might want to ease off murder right now and get a new hobby. Is scrapbooking is still a thing?
  2. Things only Annalise Keating can get away with: telling Michaela, “You’ve got boobs, any brother not screwing his sister should respond to them.” Logic!
  3. Speaking of Miss Pratt, just when you think her sex life can’t be more tragic, she gets into phone sex with a chirpy amateurish “Spank me, Daddy.” Leave the dirty talk to the pros, Michaela.
  4. When will TV characters stop getting goaded into admitting their crimes in court? “Yes, I did it because I’m smarter than everyone else, blah, blah, blah!” Has that ever happened in real life? If so, add several years to their sentences for being dumbasses.
  5. Why is Annalise standing on top of Connor? It always looks like she’s going in for the kiss. Well, Connor is in the same uncomfortable boat as Wes now. That’s Annalise Keating; she knows How to Get Away with Murder and How to Get Away with Invading Personal Space.

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC

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