How to Get Away with Murder: “Freakin’ Whack-a-Mole” — Oct. 30, 2014


HTGAWM: Asher Bonnie in BedThere’s a whole lot of Asher going on this week: Asher dancing, Asher whining, Asher family drama, Asher getting taunted, Asher nabbing his trophy, Asher feeling left out, Asher shtupping Bonnie. Wait, what?

  • Flashback Case of the Week: Death row appeal in three days. Doesn’t Annalise cut it too close with these clients. Team Defense works to rectify an unjust conviction. The inmate focuses on his last meal: will it be steak, lobster or fried chicken? It would be in poor taste to mock this storyline, so I’m playing it straight. Annalise believes that Asher’s father, a judge, may have mishandled the case. Asher questions his dad who acts shifty, calls his son “an ungrateful little twit” and tosses him out. Asher returns to Annalise, he’ll help with the case as long as his father’s name is kept out of it —and he gets the immunity trophy. Asher is obsessed with that thing, he won’t think much of how it was bloodied. In the courtroom, Annalise gives a dramatic defense and her client goes free.
    HTGAWM: Annalise Gives Frank Envelope with Lila's Phone "Whack-a-Mole"

    Annalise and Frank are really pushing the envelope.

  • Flashback Presumed Murder: At the Keating home, Wes reels from the revelation that Annalise’s husband is “Mr. Darcy,” the late Lila’s lover. Frankly, I’d hold out for Colin Firth, but that’s just me. Wes blasts her and flees as she shrieks for him to stay. Get a grip, Professor, you make Crazy Eyes look sane…. The next day Annalise notices that one member of the “Keating Five” (her words) is missing. She visits Wes’s dump and he demands the professor find Rebecca. He threatens to tell the police everything…. So far the Laurel/Frank situation has put me out like Ambien, but it got a tad more interesting when Bonnie orders the student to stop leading Frank on and threatens to blab to Annalise. It’s clear now that Bonnie is off. Seems to me Annalise has much bigger fish to fry than office hanky-panky but Laurel tells Frank she’s not into him. Frank, on the other hand, is very into helping Annalise, who gives him an envelope and sends him on a mission. Professor Keating summons Wes to report that the police found new evidence pointing to Griffin as Lila’s killer. Seems the cops searched Griffin’s car and found Lila’s phone. Looks like she broke their virginity pact. Virginity pacts are futile on this show, so let that be a lesson to you. Wes as usual is stunned. I’m stunned that he’s not in plaid…. Like any woman who finds a picture of her husband’s penis on a dead girl’s phone, Annalise visits Home Depot. She changed the wallpaper. Didn’t she listen to me? I told her to go with an unidentifable neutral paint, but to each her own. Sam wonders why his wife is doing all this for trifling behind. So do I. She sobs that she needs him. Why? She’s a bit of a mess when she’s not in court. At Wes’s urging, Rebecca agrees to still let Annalise defend her…. Let’s not forget Mr. Sexy Cop, I never do. Purrrrr. He’s monitoring Lila’s murder case and has proof that Frank planted evidence.
  • Present Day Presumed Murder: It’s the night of the bonfire, of course, Asher is dancing alone in his room. It would appear that he’s attempting to twerk or something. That image will haunt my dreams. Noticing that his precious justice trophy is missing, he heads to Keating’s office to get it back from the felonious five, they do what you do when there’s a Jehovah’s Witness at the door, they keep quiet until he leaves. Asher is miffed: they filched his trophy, went to the bonfire without him and took selfies of themselves having fun. Such endless suffering. A man can only take so much, so he takes Bonnie to bed. The hell? Ms. Winterbottom certainly has layers and low standards. As they lounge in bed, a feverish Annalise phones to find out if Bonnie is with Sam.

The Verdict:  Gotta be honest, this was not my favorite episode. There were some bright spots: For the first time, I found a reason to pay attention to Frank, as long as he wasn’t mooning over bland Laurel. I’m not quite sure how I feel about Annalise’s spiral downward. A slow unraveling is one thing, but she’s just whirling around in the spinny vortex right now. Not a good look.

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