10 Great Things About Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce

Abby, Delia and Phoebe munch snacks during Lilly's disastrous birthday party.

Last night, GG2D delivered another engaging episode. This time Abby wasn’t launching a #Wabby ship, taking part in some of the worst sex we’ve ever seen with Nate, spending the night with Victor Webster and warming the hearts of #Jabby shippers. She was just having a crappy time and handling real-life issues.

  1. GG2D’s Abby deals with major and minor problems. Sure, she took a sledgehammer to her writing career, but it’s a crack in her home’s foundation that nearly makes her crumble. Most of us don’t experience high-profile meltdowns but we know the hell of having to deal with pricey home renovations. Ugh. We like seeing the over-the-top moments infused with a little mundanity because it makes our BFF Abby even more accessible.
  2. Jake uses a comical voice to make fun of Abby’s friend “Jo the Ho” by imitating a talking vagina. (You have to see it for yourself.) Its the kind of goofy moments that couples share. It felt authentic.
  3. Abby is vexed that “Jake’s embryo” Becca invited herself to their daughter Lilly’s birthday party, putting Abby in a no-win situation. Who wants to be outshone by her daughter’s role model and her estranged husband’s starlet girlfriend?  Can we all agree that Little Miss CW is kind of a pain?
  4. Jake’s unrestrained glee when he has a phone call with Joseph Gordon-Levitt about a potential movie project. Jake spitting out phrases like “totes” and “dude” is adorkable. Don’t we all have those horrific moments of trying waaaay too hard. We will, however, call an intervention if Jake ever says “Yolo” because that shit is just unacceptable.
  5. Phoebe getting the kiss-off. Even a gorgeous, sexy free spirit is not immune to heartache. Still, diamonds are a lovely parting gift. The show could paint Phoebe as a one-dimensional sex goddess, but instead the writers infuse her with some depth.
  6. There are actual consequences from Abby’s impromptu sex with gourd-holding Jake. She has to think about an unplanned pregnancy and draw some completely rational side-eye from her brother Max.
  7. Jake and Becca’s age gap shows when she slams out of the room in the midst of a squbble. It’s like he’s dealing with another teenager, he knows it, but he’s not going to actually say so. It’s kind of cool that his life with her isn’t all some ’80s music video fantasy. And yes, I can totally see Jake rocking out to Whitesnake back in the day.
  8. In the midst of the party, Jake and Abby have to deal with the fact that Lilly and her idiot friends thought it would be a good idea to get drunk off vodka-soaked tampons. Yes, that’s a thing. Yes, boarding school is also a thing. Every time I see Lilly I give her some severe side-eye. On the other hand, every time I see any teen, I give severe side-eye so thanks for keeping it real GG2D.
  9. Becca snooped around and found Jake’s Uber receipts the night he was with Abby. There’s something appealing about her insecurity. It also strikes me as realistic. I have a hard time believing young actresses who land shows on the CW are known for their Namaste approach to life. Just throwing that out there, I could be wrong.
  10. GG2D knows how to wrap up loose ends. Lyla’s life was circling the drain for weeks so it makes perfect sense in a Lyla way that she grabbed her kids and took off to Portland. Janeane Garofalo’s exit was organic to the character and the writers delivered a believable ending to her arc.
Elaine G. Flores, Chief Editor
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