10 Questions for Empire’s Cookie Lyon

Cookie Lyon wears a smirk and a fur coat ion Empire.If there’s one thing Cookie Lyon is known for, it’s tact and conversational skills. We sat down for a Q&A with Cookie for advice on what to say in various situations.

  1. If you were short on taxi fare and someone came to your aid, what would you say? “Pay that Pakistani.”
  2. What would you say if your son’s boyfriend politely voiced his opinion on a family business matter? “Shut up, Dora.”
  3. What do you think of the art of Gustav Klimt? “You can keep it, it’s ugly.”
  4. What do you call a home containing the art of Gustav Klimt?“A tacky mess.”
  5. Would you like a breakfast smoothie? “Y’all ain’t got no bacon?”‘
  6. How do you respond to a compliment? “Thank you, sister girl.”
  7. What would you say to motivate a man to stand firm? “Sounds like you grew a vagina.”
  8. And if someone considered that statement rude? “No more rude than that anchorwoman haircut you slop on your head.”
  9. How would you describe your ex-husband’s new partner? “That tired heifer.”
  10. What advice would you give him about the tired heifer? “What you need to do is drop this yella bitch.”
Elaine G. Flores, Chief Editor
Elaine is the chief editor of TV Recappers' Delight. She's an experienced entertainment reporter, reviewer, editor, blogger, columnist and Bon Vivant.

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