Sleepy Hollow: “Necromancer” — Nov. 18, 2013

The Headless Horseman in chainsWarning: Sleepy Hollow Season 1 recaps were written after the conclusion of Season 2 and may contain some spoilers, especially the links.

At long last, Ichabod and Abbie have captured the Horseman. The Apocalypse has been nixed. Now it’s all blue skies from here on, right? No? Uh-oh. Let’s go!

First Appearance: Abraham Van Brunt (Neil Jackson)

Having trapped the Headless Horseman in the hexed Masonic cell and cleverly flooded it with UV Light, which renders him powerless, Abbie takes a moment alone with Ichabod to teach him a fist bump. He doesn’t know what it’s all about, but who can resist her doe eyes?

Quotable Ichabbie:

Abbie: Okay. I want to show you something. Fist bump.

Ichabod: I beg your pardon?

Abbie: It’s an expression of elation. Teamwork. We got him.

Ichabod gamely goes along with it.

Ichabod: Huh. Fistbump. [to himself] Makes no sense.

I’ll say this for Thomas Jefferson, he did a bang-up job of designing that cell. There’s a roomy glass-partitioned area where Ichabbie, Captain Irving and Jenny can monitor the situation. Abbie was true to her word about getting her sister sprung from Tarrytown Psychiatric.

To interrogate the Horseman of Death, Abbie and Ichabod need someone who can translate Headless,  the undead Officer Andy Brooks fits the bill, and Ichabod thinks he’ll be willing to help. Crane tells Captain Irving that  Officer Andy “… still holds unrequited feelings for Ms. Mills.” Ichabod tends to be hyper-aware of what’s happening in Abbie’s life, huh? They visit Andy’s lair, which Abbie says is bigger than her closet—in the apartment we have only seen once. Poor Andy, he no longer owns his soul and sadly admits to his crush that he can’t be trusted. When a man tell you something about themselves like, “I really make a bad boyfriend;” Listen, girl. That is a clear warning, He is not being self-deprecating. The Witnesses still need his help, though, Andy is a necromancer and can be a mouthpiece for the dead. He reluctantly goes along with them, but the Horseman just won’t open his mouth.

Ichabod is quite the interrogator, and he’s going at it with Headless, taunting him and arching that eyebrow like crazy. Crane clearly relishes this moment. The chained Horseman, by the way, is just hamming it up with the body language. Actor Jeremy Owens is having fun. When Crane gets all up in the Horseman’s face, well, the area above his shoulders and shoves him, a necklace with a green stone  (or it blue, I can never decide with that one) falls to the floor. It belonged to Katrina. Flashback time, it goes like this:

Abraham Van Brunt: Hey, Ichabod, you’re my best friend; do you think my fiancée Katrina would like this gaudy necklace I just picked out?

Ichabod: Meh.

Abraham: Passive-aggressive, much? Come on, help me out.

Ichabod: Katrina doesn’t like tacky jewelry. Here, how about this simple necklace?

Abraham: Wow, not only are you damn sexy but you know my fiancée better than I do. This will all work out well.

Katrina: The is such a pretty necklace, I know you picked it, Ichabod. BTW, I’m dumping Abraham tonight, and you are damn sexy.

Ichabod: What do you mean? You can’t do this. I will not encourage you, I will only give you an extremely encouraging sexy face.

With Abbie listening, the Horseman gets more talkative and claims he tried to kill Ichabod on the battlefield because Ichabod betrayed his partner, Abraham. Abbie doesn’t buy it, but she wisely asks for a few details on this whole partner betrayal business. Ichabod recounts how a glum Abraham told him that Kat ditched him. It’s hard to feel bad for Van Brunt because he’s a jerk, who thinks he’s entitled to Miss Van Tassel and is enraged that she’s not grateful for the chance to be his miserable wife. Ichabod offered solace. It went like this:

Ichabod: Oh, you, poor man. Look, Katrina only told me that she loved me yesterday, I had no idea. I guess I secretly loved her, too. I hope we’ll just all continue to hang out together for Netflix Fridays and everything. You mad?

Abraham: Hold still while I draw my sword.

Ichabod: You mad.

A duel ensued, Abraham did not win, but he did  get to overact with a bellow: “Leeeeeave meeeeee!” Abraham might want to try out for the title role in a community theater production of The Phantom of the Opera. He’s good at the pathos.

Jenny shows up with Irving; it’s the first time she sees The Horseman, and she handles it as well as possible. There is trouble afoot. The pesky Hessians have figured out they can free Headless by shutting down the power grid, thus turning off the UV Light, which incapacitates him. At least Team Witness still have a hexed cell, which should hold him. Didn’t Andy say that he could not be counted on? What did I tell you? Why is Ichabod surprised when Officer Brooks helps break the Horseman’s chains, and a duel ensues. The Horseman knows how to wield a sword in a showy manner.

With Andy doing the talking, the Horseman reveals that he is Abraham and was mortally wounded when Moloch came to him and gave him a makeover. We get a shot of the Hessians shaving Abraham’s head. Seriously? They carry around shaving cream? Is this a thing that they do all the time? They dress Van Brunt in a Hessian uniform, which is awfully intimate and then the S&M mask pulls together the look. His eyes take on the white glaze of evil, they give his hand nice body art and voila! Nobody bothers to explain why the Horseman seems massive in Headless form, but okay.

So what’s all this about, what is the Horseman’s motive? He wants Katrina and her soul. Uh, she’s right there in Purgatory, can’t he just get her? Nope, she’s being held as a “prize,” which he’ll get once he rides with the other Horsemen. Headless is ready to kill Ichabod, but Andy says that he can’t kill Crane, “the master forbids it.” Sure enough, Moloch’s minions arrive to drag the Horseman off in a burst of special effects.

Cliffhanger: Ichabod declares that “Now more than ever we need Katrina.” Spoiler: Meh.


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