Sleepy Hollow: “Sanctuary” — Nov. 25, 2013

Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) and Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) share a drink at the ed of S1 episode Sanctuary

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Warning: Sleepy Hollow Season 1 recaps were written after the conclusion of Season 2 and may contain spoilers, especially the links.

Ichabod Crane wants to reunite with wife Katrina, who has been uploaded to the cloud. Mrs. Crane is given to brief, cryptic messages, so saving her would be easier if she told him more. That’s just Katrina; she keeps things — such as being a witch —to herself. The Cranes have communication issues. Let’s go!

First Appearance: Grace Dixon (Onira Tarés) ), Macey Irving (Amandla Stenberg) Lachlan Fredericks (Craig Trow), Cynthia Irving (Jill Marie Jones), Lena Gilbert Erin Cahill) and Sam (Anthony K. Hyatt), Scarecrow/Tree Monster (Marti Matulis)

It’s Thanksgiving so the Mills sisters are thinking about their first family dinner in a long time. Jenny and Captain Irving are starting to get along and she invites him to dinner. His estranged wife, Cynthia, shows up to give Jenny side-eye and criticize Irving for not spending enough time with their daughter, Macey. Irving’s “Little Bean” has more chill than her mom and takes a liking to Jenny. Crane is sad and lonely so he’s not into a holiday dinner. It goes like this:

Ichabod: I know it’s Thanksgiving time, but I can’t be enthused about a family holiday when I’m all alone.

Abbie: Ahem.

Ichabod: I didn’t mean you.

The Audience: Buck up, Crane. Katrina’s not around, just enjoy some pie and Abbie’s company.

The Foreshadowing Fairy: Speaking Ichabod’s family….

Billionaire Lena Gilbert has not learned eagerness to enter an abandoned house is dumb, but Fredericks Manor belonged to her family. Lena has secured the title and wants to check out the manor. Her bodyguard, Sam is aware of haunted house tropes, as well as the one where the black guy dies first. Fare thee well, Sam. Lena stupidly explores ominous branches that appear to be growing in a closet. When Gilbert has been missing a few days, the cops are called in. Nobody called about Sam, I guess. Conveniently, Lena left behind notes referring to a Katrina C.

Lieutenant Doe Eyes and her damn sexy hobo research Lena and discover her ties to Fredericks Manor. Crane knows all about the country house. Lieutenant Mills is, as usual, unflappable. Wait, I take that back; there is one thing that freaks out Abbie: haunted houses. She doesn’t want to be that horror movie character, but the officer still must search for Lena.

The Exposition Fairy shows up: At Katrina’s insistence, the Cranes visited Fredericks Manor in the 18th century. Lord of the manor, Lachlan Fredericks, offered the home as a sanctuary for former slaves. The house matron was the elegant Grace Dixon. In addition to being an abolitionist, Lachlan was a warlock.Grace Dixon (Onira Tarés) at Fredericks Manor in "Sanctuary" on Sleepy Hollow.

The sleuths find a copy of Katrina’s favorite book, with a letter from Ichabod tucked between the pages, which means she returned to the estate after his burial. Grace appears to Abbie and shows her a vision. Katrina gave birth at the manor. Abbie breaks the news to Crane; he’s devastated that his wife kept this from him. It gets worse; a tree-like creature (which according to IMDb is named “Scarecrow“) breached a hex protecting the house. The monster sent by Moloch, came after the baby. “Scarecrow”  ran a branch through Lachlan, but Grace and Katrina escaped with the infant. Once Team Witness rescues Lena, an enraged Ichabod single-handedly takes care of the creature with an axe. The damn sexy hobo is damn sexy when he’s in a fury.

Later on, Abbie tries in vain to cheer up Crane with his favorite rum and he remembers to show her a package from Lena. It goes like this:

Lena: Hi Abbie, thanks for saving my life. I’m a big ol’ Ichabbie shipper. These Fredericks Manor records emphasize that you and Ichabod belong together: Grace Dixon is your ancestor. Toodles!

Quotable Ichabbie:

Abbie: My ancestor brought your son into this world.
Ichabod: Quite heroically I see the family resemblance. It seems that you and I our paths were intertwined from the very start.
Cliffhanger: The audience swoons.

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