7 OMG Moments from Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce

Abby is with Becca when she gives birth on Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce

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The latest episode of Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, “Rule #36: If You Can’t Stand the Heat, You’re Cooked” offered some twists, surprises and revelations as delicious as one of Scott’s baked goods. Well, that might be hyperbole—is there anything as delicious as Scott’s baked goods? No, there is not. Here are the OMG moments in no particular order.

  1. Dear sweet JD is coming out of his shell a little bit. Phoebe’s new boyfriend went from a painfully shy guy with no experience whatsoever to a painfully shy guy with enough confidence-building experience to attempt small talk. Behold the power of Phoebe! JD has a long way to go but his willingness to attend a cocktail party with Phoebe’s larger-than-life pals deserves admiration. But one gripe with Phoebe, it doesn’t matter that Banksy’s allure stemmed in part from the mystery about his identity, anonymity is not what JD needs. Well, it’s not all her fault, Phoebe’s ex-husband came up with the idea and Phoebe seemed to eventually realize that it was counterproductive.
  2. Raif isn’t 100% bad. Despite being cocky and somewhat manipulative, Raif actually helped promote JD’s art show. It was mostly a ploy to get in Phoebe’s good graces, but if it helps get JD some recognition, it can be overlooked.
  3. Gordon has anger-management issues. I’ve been giving that Gordon major side-eye since Day One. He is waaaaay too pushy about marrying Delia. Never trust a male bridezilla, ladies. But who knew that Gordon would be so tightly wound as to snap at Delia and party hostess Abby? It was shocking.
  4. Delia can be intimidated. Didn’t you expect Delia to call out Gordon immediately and send him on his way? She slinked off when he stormed out of Abby’s party. It’s probably post-affair-related guilt. This is a worrisome turn of events.
  5. Jake, you are not the father! Abby became curiously attached to Becca Riley, who is the ex-girlfriend of Abby’s soon-to-be-ex-husband. If that sentence confused you, join the club. With Jake out of the country, Abby has become a helicopter mom to Becca and even accompanied her into the delivery room. When Abby got a gander at the baby, didn’t you think her expression meant the baby looked like Jake? That baby looks nothing like Jake. Either Jake needs to do some digging on Ancestry.com to find his black roots or the baby was sired by someone else.
  6. Welcome to the Hellmouth. When the air conditioning at Abby’s house went on the fritz, Dr. Harris likened it to the “Hellmouth.” I see what you did there, Marti Noxon. Can we get a reference to Dingoes Ate My Baby or the Bronze?
  7. Jo gets some sweet buns. Jo isn’t just my favorite Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce character, she’s one of my favorite TV characters period. Jo’s finally come to her senses and sampled Scott’s sweet treats. If only the baker could find a blanket instead of always putting his bare bum on the countertop and sofa. Seriously, though, the only issue with these two is the difficulty in coming up with a shipper hashtag. Neither #Jott no #Sco work and Jo’s last name, Frumpkis, is ridiculous and impossible to portmanteau.

Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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