12 Reasons Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce’s Phoebe Rocks

Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce’s Phoebe isn’t always appreciated by her friends Abby, Delia and Jo, but we think she’s a gem for many reasons. Here’s a tribute to the frequently long-suffering sweetheart.

Phoebe chats on the phone on Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce

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  1. Phoebe is fun and thoughtful. She organized a spa day for her friends. Okay, Jo was too twitchy to enjoy her much-needed pampering treatment and took off, but it was sweet of Phoebe to arrange it and, at least, it helped Delia, who is dealing with the stress of keeping an affair with her boss from her fiancé, Gordon.
  2. Phoebe is talented. Her party-planning skills resulted in a lavish engagement party for Delia and Gordon. She hired beauties and hunks to serve as decor and who doesn’t like a raw bar with plentiful shrimp cocktail and an open bar? Jo’s Tinder date liked it a bit too much and ended up getting sloppy, standing on a table and dropping trou, but Phoebe remained unruffled.
  3. Phoebe knows how to rock a flowy maxi dress. That’s a superpower. The look doesn’t flatter most women. Given the plunging necklines and backless designs, maybe maxi isn’t the best adjective for the dresses, but actress Beau Garrett wears them like an ethereal goddess.
  4. Phoebe is into bettering herself. The former fashion model recently earned her GED, and now she’s taking college courses.
  5. Phoebe takes on intimidating projects. She was part of a magazine shoot featuring models without makeup. It turned out she was the only one willing to display her bare-faced beauty and there was a lot of mean-spirited antics going on behind the scenes. Uninterested in engaging in the farce, Phoebe glided off.
  6. Phoebe holds her own. The college class on gender studies was dreadful. She was surrounded by grim heifers with superior attitudes and no fashion sense. She ended up telling off her male instructor who was curiously leading the discussion on feminism.
  7. Phoebe explores intriguing opportunities. Her gender studies teacher is a hot guy, and they did some smooching. No reason to hold a grudge, right? They went on a gallery date.
  8. Phoebe refuses to be walking facial hair. The hot teacher is a closeted gay. He introduced her to his mom, which was clearly for show. Phoebe bailed on their date immediately. We didn’t even see her say good-bye as she exited the exhibit.
  9. Phoebe wastes no time. Once she was informed her teacher is playing for the other team, she left the ordinary art exhibit with a new acquaintance (the tattletale) who took her to an event featuring funky street art. That sort of thing befits her bohemian ways.
  10. She is forgiving. Delia was a blazing bitch to Phoebe at the engagement party because she really doesn’t want to marry Gordon. Delia insinuated that Phoebe is dumb. Then Abby was snippy with Phoebe and stole her thunder at the prom, which was supposed to celebrate Phoebe’s GED. Despite the fact that Abby diminished her accomplishment, Phoebe rose above it and accepted Abby’s apology.
  11. She’s warm and engaging. Abby’s editor Barbara, who can be a tough nut to crack, took an immediate liking to Phoebe and offered her a chance to write an article about the prom for SheShe. Phoebe ended up declining the offer—probably because she was over Abby’s drama—but if Barbara thinks she’s capable, then capable, she is.
  12. Phoebe shows up. When Delia went wedding dress shopping, Phoebe was there. She  doesn’t miss those workouts in the park and meets the girls for coffee or cocktails and listens to their problems without judgement. Everyone should have a friend like Phoebe. Scratch that, everyone should be a friend like Phoebe.

Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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