Who’s Blackmailing Delia on Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce?

Delia checks her makeup on Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce

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On the episode “Rule #79 Labels are for Canned Goods,” somebody sent bride-to-be Delia a pretty gift box containing photos of her fling with her boss. Having sex with your married employer behind your fiancées’ back isn’t the cakewalk you’d imagine it to be. So, who is blackmailing Delia? Here are the prime suspects.

  1. Albert’s wife. Delia and Albert have been doing the deed in the office and we’ve seen Albert’s wife come for a visit, maybe she caught wind of the affair. These types of photos usually are a bargaining chip for money. Albert is already rich so his wife doesn’t need Delia’s money, but maybe she sent the pics for the sheer satisfaction of tormenting Delia and scaring her off. That takes some Machiavellian skills. We don’t know enough about the woman scorned to have a handle on her level of vindictiveness.
  2. Gordon’s mom. Sure, she seems all sweet but noticed that Delia hasn’t shown the bride-to-be enthusiasm one would expect. Maybe Mama Bear doesn’t like Delia as much as she seemed to when they met at the engagement party and is doing this to expose her son’s fiancée. If that’s the case, she could simply give the photos to her son but that wouldn’t make her look like Mom of the Year. Gordon’s mother could just be trying to get Delia to call things off without looking like she had anything to do with it.
  3. Gordon. He’s been annoyingly pushy about this wedding since the beginning despite the fact that Delia has expressed reservations. Gordon doesn’t have much of a motive though except to make her feel guilty and maybe manipulate Delia into fidelity. Gordon is such a bridezilla and determined to get his own way, it’s feasible.
  4. Albert. He’s been subtly expressing interest in Delia and giving Gordon side-eye before the affair started. She called things off—again—in this episode and his parting gift was a bit, what’s the word? Let’s just say it involves Latin and move on. It’s quite the gambit, but maybe Albert thinks it will lead to a breakup with Gordon. It would be nuts because Albert would also be exposing his own behavior. Albert does not appear to be crazy.

We don’t know much about Gordon’s mom but I think we should bring her down to the station for questioning.

Girlfriends’ Guides to Divorce airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.


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