The Bachelorette: Geri’s Recaplet — June 29, 2015


Shawn The Bachelorette

Poor, Shawn! Photo courtesy of ABC

Our editor-at-large Geri M. is watching this season of The Bachelorette, after swearing she was done with it. I may or may not have lured her back into the fold. As retaliation, I have been getting a series of emails and messages. They need to be shared. Here is Geri’s stream-of-consciousness recaplet of Episode 8.

First I want to say I haven’t seen this many men cry since Brian’s Song was aired

She is worried Nick will tell?!?  Boo hoo, Ho.  You do know that “intimate” was a euphemism for “I balled that bitch big time.”

Oh goodie, JJ is gone. Now he is free to marry Clint, and, courtesy of SCOTUS, it can now be in any state!

Not cool Kaitlyn – you KNEW Shawn was having trouble with the pressure so you give him the rose LAST?  You really are a bitch.

Ben Z., you can do so much better, call me.

Why won’t Jared shave?

Really, you leave the guy crying on the cliff. Why doesn’t Chris get to fly away and leave her on the cliff?  She almost got too close to the edge a few times – I was hopeful, but she lived.

Check back tomorrow for the full Bachelorette recap from Andrée H. Truth be told, I think she’s a little miffed with Kaitlyn right now, too. 

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