The Bachelorette: Geri M.’s Recaplet

Nick V from The Bachelorette on ABC Good friend and frequent commenter Geri M. is watching this season of The Bachelorette, after swearing she was done with it. I may or may not have lured her back into the fold. Last night, I received a series of messages about the show, so this post is devoted to Geri’s stream-of-consciousness review.

Ireland? This episode had to happen in Ireland? They have sullied the land of my ancestors.

OMG, I hate this guy Nick so much that I want to open a vein — one of his.

HE gets a rose? Blech. Is there really a payoff to watching this shitstorm of a show? Are we viewers going to get satisfaction? They made out in a church — speechless. They have gone from sullying to outright defamation.

Bottom line – at first I just wanted Nick to leave. Now I want him to stay and for Kaitlyn to be shackled to him for the rest of her life. I want all the guys who are left to go home and wait for all the fan mail and find someone who is better for them. (well except JJ, they can have a double wedding with him and Clint.)

Elaine G. Flores, Chief Editor
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