5 Ways to Fight Like Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce’s Jo

Alanna Ubach

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We adore actress Alanna Ubach and her character Jo on Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce. Jo provides valuable lessons. Among those lessons are how to behave when you’re fighting with your best friend—and your best friend’s estranged husband. It all started when Abby McCarthy suggested that it’s time for lingering houseguest Jo to get her own place. Jo, came up with a totally rational solution: she offered to build a second floor so that they could turn Abby’s home into a BFF compound. Shockingly, Abby didn’t go for the idea so now the friendship is strained. The fact that Jo is unreasonable is not the point. Jo can do whatever she damn well pleases and we’ll support her. Here are some battle tips that we picked up in the episode “Rule No. 77: Don’t Blow the Bubble.”

  1. Don’t shy away from passive aggressive statements. As soon as she saw an opening to play the martyr card, Jo went for it, telling Abby: “I am learning to be self-sufficient, remember?” Poor Abby, this could have all been avoided if she’d agreed to build a compound.
  2. Do be ready to throw some shade. Upon greeting her nemesis, Jake, Jo observed: “You look like shit. You’re not sleeping? Your face looks like warmed over ass.” She’s no Dorothy Parker, but Jo thinks fast on her feet when it comes to an insult.
  3. Do deflect shade thrown your way. When Jake responded with a crack about Jo’s Puerto Rican heritage, she slipped into an exaggerated Hispanic accent and tossed in some Spanish phrases which weakened his counter assault.  When you keep calm like that, it makes your sparring partner look like a pendejo.
  4. Do play the long con.  Jake—who clearly did not know who he was messing with—taunted Jo by noting that he found an apartment right away, thus setting himself up for retribution. First Jo mocked his pad with: “It’s corporate housing. It’s soulless stucco boxes, maybe that crap’s good enough for you but not for my kid.” Then she turned around and moved into the soulless unit across from Jake.
  5. Don’t forget to gloat. While Jake was still reeling from the realization that now he’ll have to deal with Jo on a daily basis, she cackled with glee and shut the door. Not rubbing it in is totally overrated. Savor the moment. #TeamJo

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.


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