Veronica Mars’ new case “Mr. Kiss and Tell”

Kristen Bell plays Veronica Mars

Recappers’ Delight Sits Down with everyone’s favorite tiny blonde vampire slayer… erm, we mean detective, Veronica Mars.

 Recappers’ Delight: So, Veronica… can I call you Veronica?

 Veronica Mars: As Elvis Costello says, “her name was Veronica.”

 RD: Right. You’re having quite the moment in the spotlight. First you proved that Logan Echolls didn’t kill pop star Carrie Bishop and then you found a missing girl during Neptune’s Spring Break season. What have you been up to since then?

 VM: I’ve been living in Neptune, CA for the past few months, working as a private Veronica Mars Book Coverinvestigator with my father, Keith Mars.

 RD: You turned down a job at a major law firm in New York. Are you giving up that fancy law degree for good?

 VM: What can I say? Being a PI is in my blood. I need to expose the seedy underbelly of good old Neptune.

 RD: But as a lawyer, you could defend Eli “Weevil” Navarro in his upcoming trial.

 VM: And as a PI, I can help prove that the Balboa County Sheriff Department and Sheriff Dan Lamb is completely corrupt and planted a gun on Weevil when he tried to assist Celeste Kane. Besides, Cliff McCormack is the best public defender the county has.

 RD: If you say so. Speaking of Dan Lamb, he’s up for reelection as sheriff but there’s a surprise candidate who just threw her hat into the ring. Do you think Marcia Langdon has a chance?

 VM: The 09ers want to keep Lamb in office. Let’s just say he shouldn’t be able to afford that fancy condo of his. Langdon could win the votes of the rest of Neptune though. Let’s get the PCHers out in full force.

RD: Speaking of the wealthy of Neptune, I’ve heard whispers that the Newport Grand is hiring you to investigate an insurance claim.

 VM: A young woman was raped and left for dead. The last thing she remembers is walking down the stairs from the rooftop bar. I will find out what happened to her one way or another.

 RD:  Can we talk about your personal life? You’ve been seen around town with Logan Echolls, reportedly your boyfriend in high school and college. He’s a naval flyboy these days, right? Must be hard on your relationship.

 VM: No comment.

 RD: You two were seen at an animal shelter. Adopting a dog together?

 VM: Maybe. Everyone still misses Backup. Can we focus on my work?

 RD: You’re also spending a lot of time with Leo D’Amato, another former boyfriend.

 VM: We’re just working on a case together!

 RD: That’s what they all say. Good luck with your new case, Veronica. Your fans are eager to see what you’re up to next!

To keep following Veronica Mars, pick up Mr. Kiss and Tell today!

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