22 Thoughts on Sleepy Hollow: “This Red Lady from Caribee” — Nov. 5, 2015

Pandora on Sleepy Hollow

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That  first sound you hear is Sleepyheads sharpening their knives. Tonight’s Sleepy Hollow episode was pretty good—except for the part where we all broke up with Ichabod Crane and started looking for a new boyfriend. Here’s a hint. Here are 22 stream-of-consciousness ramblings on tonight’s episode. 

  1. Soooooo, Ichabod goes on a date with Crextra. In the last episode, he offered to escort her to dinner. “Escort” better not mean “treat.” If Ichabod reaches into his pocket, I will reach through the screen, grab that hibachi knife and shiv him myself.
  2. Whatever, Abbie is brainy, brave, beautiful and her new hairstyle is gorgeous.
  3. My girl Pandora is up to the usual monkeyshines in her lair. She’s talking to her CGI tree again and she summons some sort of killer bee lady. I love Pandora more than Ichabod right now. I will ship her with Abbie. #Pabbie #Andora #Doramills #Adora
  4. I am actively pursuing a search for Abbie’s hair product. Where do you find that gloss-spray?
  5. After the bee lady strikes and kills a judge, Ichabod tells Abbie, “I fear the foul creature is far from done.” He’s talking about whoever thought this was a good moment in time for Crane to go on a date with a bland extra who has been shipping herself with him.
  6. Bland extras don’t have that bouncing and behaving ‘do.
  7. Yay, Grace Dixon flashback! That takes my mind off the hibachi horror. Grace worked with one of General Washington’s most important operatives. You guessed it, here comes Honey Boob Boob. Betsy Ross is a seamstress, she should be able to sew a complete blouse. You know what? This is the first Season 3 flashback that didn’t make me stabby. I will not shiv the writer who brought back Grace Dixon.
  8. That hair, tho…
  9. During an investigation of another bee lady death, Daniel catches Abbie on the phone with Crane and snaps at her to focus. While getting snippy with Abbie is a shivvable offense, he’s annoyed about Ichabod, so let’s give him a pass.
  10. Not to get off-topic, but after being attacked by Danny and taking him down, Abbie’s hair is still on point.
  11. Remember how I maintained that Jenny and Joe are like siblings? That was some of the Jincan juice talking. That Caribbean medicine man asks if they are dating. Extras used to say that about Ichabbie. The medicine man offers something for those “long, long nights.” Okay, the writers may be positioning these two as the new Sleepy Hollow. Unlike some other partners I can think of, we might actually get to see a position on those long, long nights…
  12. You think that botanica sells any hair products?
  13. It’s cool to hear Daniel reminisce about his time in the Outer Banks with Abbie, but a flashback could come in handy here. Just a close-up of him putting his Visa card in the little leather restaurant-bill thing would be enough.
  14. Abbie will have even more cash for appointments with the stylist when she kicks out that freeloader.
  15. Abbie and Crane search for the bee lady’s hive. He says something or other that makes Abbie say, “I hate it when you’re right.” Don’t worry, Abs; that is not much of a problem right now. Abbie is using fire to attack the bees. At least Little Abbie Oakley is not shooting at the swarm.
  16. Those bees better not muss her hair.
  17. Crane confronts Pandora and pulls out his crossbow. Pandora essentially rolls her eyes and disappears into her treehouse. She’s probably in there writing Ichabbie fan-fic.
  18. She is also using her magic watery portal to find out who does Abbie’s hair.
  19. Okay, Daniel is cured by some magic potion and in the hospital now. Fortunately, he doesn’t remember his, ahem, stinging words. Abbie doesn’t bring him flowers, all the florists in town have been cleaned out.
  20. Hair.
  21. Ichabod meets Crextra and brings her flowers. She brings him flowers, too. He might as well put those flowers on his headstone because Crane is a dead man.
  22. Dead men don’t get to run their fingers through Abbie’s hair.

The full recap will be up next week. (Mr. and Mrs. TVRD are going to a wedding this weekend. She will try not to lunge for the bouquet and start beating people with it….)

We love the clever comments from Sleepyheads. They don’t appear right away, but we’ll get to them after we wipe the blood off this shiv.

Sleepy Hollow air Thursdays at 9/8c on Fox.

Elaine G. Flores, Chief Editor
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13 thoughts on “22 Thoughts on Sleepy Hollow: “This Red Lady from Caribee” — Nov. 5, 2015”

  1. Mauve_Avenger says:

    I want Crextra gone! She brings absolutely nothing to the table. She is less helpful than Betsy Ross. Let that marinate for a moment. At least with Daniel, I can see the attraction. He’s smart, smooth, and he looks ah-MAH-zing in a suit! Crextra is….ah…um…cute? Persistent? Borderline stalkerish? Ugh! She’s just a chore to watch 😛

    1. Elaine F. says:

      Hi Mauve, Thanks for writing and for using the word “Crextra!” So far she is a snooze, I think she is up to something. A date with Daniel would be most welcome, though I think he is up to something, too. Amen to Daniel in a suit—or out of it.

  2. Dawn says:

    So after finally getting a good look at “crextra” , I realized that I’ve seen her somewhere before. The knick. She plays Dr. Gallinger’s wife, Eleanor. After watching her loose her marbles and teeth, unfortunately my sympathy might have carried over into Zoe. I know, I know…terrible.

    Give thanks to Shernold Edwards for getting sleepy back to s1 greatness, including the hair. Yes, that hair was on point last night!

    Like you, I’m.wondering about Crane’s financial means as well. He seems to keep buying these fruity drinks! You know they’re expensive, maybe the date happened during happy hour? Lol

    My only concern here is that shack on the beach. If a steamy flashback was shot, I will be sure to make a drink and name it “shack on the beach”. Danny is still there. I’m going to need Abbie to take a break for a sec and return lol

    1. Elaine F. says:

      Hi Dawn! Thanks for commenting. I never saw that, I will add it to my Netflix list. Please, please, please make a “Shack on the Beach” and give us the recipe.

  3. BernieB says:

    Love your post show thoughts.
    Agree on Crextra. I can’t invest in a relationship with a built in end date. She’s either gonna be evil, or he’s going to keep his whole “I’m 200 years old and a witness to the apocalypse” thing a secret and we all know that a relationship built on half truths works out, or he tells her who he really is and ends up in Tarrytown Psych. At any rate, it’s doomed to fail and it’s wasting time.
    Honey Boob Boob. LOL. I just can’t with her character. The show can do women so well (Abbie, Jenny) , and then just fail harder than New Coke on others (Katrina, Zoe, Betsy). It’s annoying, because they can do better and refuse to.

    1. Elaine F. says:

      “New Coke!” Some of the women that I enjoyed went too soon. I’d like to have seen more Mary Wells, and kooky Caroline. You know that I’m a Pandora fangirl. What to do we think of Sophie? I see potential.

      1. BernieB says:

        I loved Caroline and thought they wasted an opportunity to expand the universe and bring in the reenactment society. I would have loved a different back story for Calvin, so he could have come back from time to time. I thought it would have been great if we found out Reyes was sent to SH to help the witnesses on the sly. They’ve forgotten how to expand their world naturally.
        I love Pandora because Shannon Sossamon looks like she’s having a ball and she was workin’ that white dress.
        I can’t wait to see what Sophie’s story is. I’d like to learn more about her while we’re waiting for the Loves of Ichabod Crane to pay off.

        1. Elaine F. says:

          Hi Bernie, thanks for leaving a comment! Good points. I would add Lena Gilbert to the list, her records were instrumental.

          1. BernieB says:

            I forgot about Lena, imagine the resources she could provide. I’d also love to see Seamus Duncan of Geronimotors, Big Ash and Frank the Shaman. They actually fit into the SH universe quite well.

  4. paisley says:

    Again!!—your “thoughts” have me HOLLERIN’!! Seriously, you are hilarious! I usually come across your “thoughts” link while I’m reading through the Sleepy Hollow twitter feed. I realized today I hadn’t seen it yet, so I had to google your page instead. I had to see what funny stuff you were saying about this week’s epi. Lol.

    1. Elaine F. says:

      Awww, thanks Paisley. I aim to amuse. Glad we share the same sense of humor.

  5. SusanS says:

    I stumbled upon your Sleepy Hollow posts and I swear…I haven’t laughed this hard in months.

    Your posts make me want to be watching the show with you and Mr. TV Recap. Hysterical!

    Continuing on my read and gobbling up posts like crazy. :)

    1. Elaine F. says:

      Hi Susan, thank you so much for that compliment! We aim to make you laugh. More TK to get us through the months without Sleepy.

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