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Lou Young

The 14 Types of New Yorkers You See During #JonasBlizzard — And Lou Young

Hazardous conditions aside, severe winter weather is fun in Gotham. It’s totes legit to stay in your pajamas and sip adult beverages—it’s not like you’re going to drive anywhere. Do you even have a license? Carbs and calories don’t count because of wormholes and fusion or something that sounds science-y. You might think this is a good time for a Netflix binge, but you can do that anytime. What you really need to do is channel-surf news coverage.

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Lady Edith holds her daughter Marigold on Downton Abbey

Downtown Abbey Scandal: Lady Edith Reported to CPS

Lady Edith Crawley’s ward, Marigold, who was briefly raised by tenant farmers, Mr. and Mrs. Drewe, until Lady Edith took the child to live at Downton Abbey was recently kidnapped by Mrs. Drewe during a livestock competition. There has always been a cloud of mystery surrounding the child whom some believe to be the love child of Lady Edith and the late Michael Gregson. Little Marigold is shaken by the recent events and sat down with TV Recappers’ Delight to discuss the kidnapping.

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