Catch up on Outlander: “The Wedding” — Sept. 20, 2014

Claire and Jamie wedding night OutlanderOne minute you’re in 1945 with your husband Frank Randall and then you’re in 1743 getting to unresolved sexual tension all over the place with Jamie Fraser. That’s what happens when you go snooping around pagan ceremonies, Claire. The first person she encountered was Frank’s doppelganger, Captain Black Jack Randall. His curriculum vitae includes attempting to rape Claire and flogging Jamie until he nearly killed him. Claire’s been staying at Castle Leoch with the MacKenzie clan, Black Jack interrogated her with his fists and now the MacKenzies will have to turn the English woman over to the redcoats— unless she becomes a Scot by marriage. Rebel leader Dougal MacKenzie plays matchmaker and arranges for Claire and Jamie to have a quickie wedding.

Time for a brief Frank flashback, since Claire’s about to have a rushed wedding to another man, it’s time to take a look back at her impromptu civil wedding to Frank, he just sprung it on her outside the justice of the peace office. Okay, that’s enough about Frank, this episode is all about the wedding night. Here we go, here we go, here we went. Oh, Jamie.

With the seven seconds in heaven over, Claire and Jamie just talk. Poor Jamie tried to do his best and was a bit confused. This was, after all, his first time. He didn’t know they’d be face-to-face because he saw what the horses do and … oh, Jamie. I know what you’re all thinking about that face-to-face business, but Jamie is new at this and does need to be overwhelmed with advanced skills at this point in the game, thank you very much.Jamie and Claire Wedding Outlander

Claire finds out about how much effort her new husband put into the nuptials planning. Jamie demanded three things: a church wedding, a ring for Claire and a gown. The David’s Bridal in the strip mall was closed so Ned Lawson was sent to a whorehouse for a dress. He managed to find a suitable gown that had never been worn — it was left as payment from a lord who was a little short on cash. Jamie lovingly recalls every moment of the wedding. Claire recalls very little because she was hungover. While Jamie was doing all the planning, Claire was drunk off her ass. Having two husbands can be trying, even though technically one of them won’t be born for another couple of centuries. About that Frank, I know it’s not his fault that his ancestor is a sociopath, but after surviving a rape attempt and savage beating by a man with the same face, I wouldn’t be able to look at Frank, much less stay married to him. Back to the wedding, the bride does recall that Jamie finally told her his real name: James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser. The bride introduces herself as Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp, wisely leaving off her married name.

After that romantic conversation, Claire tells Jamie to take off his shirt (it’s about time, we usually don’t have to wait so long for the obligatory shot of Jamie’s chest). Claire does a lot of touching, Jamie does a lot of romantic leading man face and they resolved sexual tension all over the place. That Jamie is a quick learner.

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