Jade and Tanner Get Married (Ashley I. Cries) — Feb. 14, 2015

Ashley and Tanner walk down the aisle after their weddingBachelor at 20: Celebration of Love aired on Valentine’s Day and our Bachelor expert, Andrée H. was quite emotional about Jade and Tanner’s  “amazing journeys.” — Elaine F.

I fell in love with Jade Roper back when she was on Bachelor Chris Soules’ season. Jade made it to the final four and hometowns; she shared with Chris that she was a Playboy model and didn’t see another rose. Tanner Tolbert, who wasn’t that memorable on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season, was easily one of the hottest guys on the beach on Bachelor in Paradise. When Jade arrived in Paradise, there were about five guys that wanted to date her, Tanner was nervous about trying to go for the girl that every guy wanted, but she was the only one he wanted to get to know. They went on a date right away and were an instant couple on the show. At the end of the season, Tanner got down on one knee and proposed on the beach. Considering this year’s Bachelor in Paradise started with a beach wedding for Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul, who fell in love on the first season of Bachelor in Paradise, I am very thankful that Jade and Tanner are doing it right, instead of getting married in front of a bunch of strangers who are wearing bikinis.

I can’t lie; I’m so excited for Jade and Tanner’s wedding! I’ve been stalking them on Instagram and I’m going to make my poor husband sit through it, can’t even hold off until I have the house to myself. It’s so crazy seeing all the Bachelor alums. I only want to see the wedding. Why do we have to watch all of this stuff beforehand? The bloopers, however, are making my life complete, My husband is also thoroughly enjoying them. You don’t notice how many little things are put into these shows to keep the men entertained until you watch them with a man. It’s finally time for the wedding! I feel like I have been waiting all night for this!

The gown lowdown: Okay, I am crying already just watching Jade try on dresses. My husband is rolling his eyes at me. I better get a box of tissue stat. I love, love, love her dress and I’m so in love with her veil, I just can’t get over it.  She is such a gorgeous bride!

Tissue count: 3

Here comes the bride:  It’s awesome to have a live singer at your wedding. I am just such a traditionalist; I hope they are going to switch to a bridal march when Jade comes out. She looks stunning coming down that stairwell. I can’t imagine having to deal with all those stairs on my wedding day. No wedding arch, but this is just stunning!I am crying like a baby.  I just can’t help myself.

Tissue count: 20

Standing on Ceremony: This is just insanely nice decor. It’s usually too cheesy and over the top but not in this case. Tanner and Jade are so cute and nervous; I am loving it. Oh God, I do not want to hear Carly Waddell sing. I am sure that Jade and Carly got close on Chris’ season, but we have already been subjected to Carly’s terrible voice back then. This just ruined it for me. I was having a good cry. Now we are back to the wedding thank goodness. I’m right back to crying again after Tanner’s vows. Jade’s vows were cute, but I have to give Tanner the win for vow-writing. So romantic. This box of tissue next to me is getting dangerously low. Jade forgot to get her bouquet back to walk back down the aisle, but she’s got Tanner’s hand, so she doesn’t care.

Tissue count: 30

Ashley I. cryingThat was a beautiful wedding. And hey who doesn’t want Seal singing for your first dance? Of course since it is the reception, Bachelor feels the need to stick in more drama; fortunately we have Ashley Iaconetti, Kardashian Barbie from Chris Souels’ season, stalking Jared Haibon from Kaitlyn’s season. Ashley, seriously you have to leave poor Jared alone. If you haven’t yet watched Bachelor in Paradise, it is worth it just to watch Ashley stalk Jared the entire time. How many times does he have to tell you he’s not interested. In what lifetime does stalking a guy and crying all over the place earn you a rose, let alone his heart? I cannot believe she is still managing to cry over this guy. Ending it with Ashley crying was a great choice, it hit on everything I was missing about Bachelor in Paradise. Great special all around, thoroughly enjoyable!

Tissue count: 31 (thankfully after the first dance I calmed down)

Bachelor Nation Updates:

  • Woah! Ashley S. is pregnant and engaged! Do you think someone fell for her because of her love of onions?
  • Ashley and J.P‘s son Ford is one-year-old. They want to have more babies.
  • Kaitlyn and Shawn are still engaged. They are very much planning on having kids in the future. Shawn’s exact words were: “I’m going to put a baby in her.” Swoon.
  • Jason and Molly are still happily married with a daughter, Riley.
  • Ryan and Trista have been married for 13 years and have two children.
  • Desiree and Chris, who got married last year, bought a house.
  • Catherine and Sean are married and announced that they are having a baby!
  • Erica Rose is engaged and expecting a baby! She’s getting married on May 1st.
Andrée H.
Andrée Harris is a housewife by day and reality tv junkie by night, Andree Harris has been preparing for half her life to be the ultimate Big Brother contestant. She learned how to cook from Masterchef, how to decorate from House Rules Australia, how to hurt herself badly on American Ninja Warrior and how to fall in love at first sight from The Bachelor. A quirky Canadian with an opinion on everything, and a glass of wine in her hands at all times, she can always catch you up on what's happening in real life on TV.

4 thoughts on “Jade and Tanner Get Married (Ashley I. Cries) — Feb. 14, 2015”

  1. Rose de Villers says:

    I loved the special as well. I do enjoy these shows that provide an update to all the Bachelor/Bachelorette relationships, it is the eternal hope for the show, “That love can happen and for some the relationships last”! I also enjoy seeing who is still together in spite of the gossip papers telling the world that they split up. I was delighted that this was the airing of Tanner and Jade’s wedding. I watched their season of Bachelor in Paradise and was rooting for them to last. As soon as I saw here veil I knew that a certain Bachelor Recapper would love it!!! It was my first thought…Andree is going to love that veil!! I didn’t cry which is unusual for me when watching a wedding. I must have been in a mood!! I am happy for Ashley S. In all of her wackiness, there is something about that girl that I like!!

    1. Elaine F. says:

      Hi there, thanks for commenting. We’re glad you enjoy Andrée’s posts. I have a soft spot for wacky Ashley S. too so I’m glad she’s happy.

    2. Andree H. says:

      I agree and I like to be reminded of the people I had totally forgotten about! Jade’s veil was beyond amazing!!!

  2. Andree H. says:

    Please chime in with your thoughts on the episode here!

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