Grimm Q&A: Wu and Silverton Speak Out

Photo from the Grimm on NBC episode "Death Do Us"

Life in Portland has taken a crazy turn for two of its residents. In the last few months, Sergeant Drew Wu believed he was going crazy after coming into contact with mysterious creatures. However, Nick and Hank finally let him in on the world of Wesen and now he’s part of the team. Meanwhile, Nick’s girlfriend, Dr. Juliette Silverton, has become a Hexenbiest as a side effect to a spell. Recappers’ Delight guest contributor Dorothy S. sits down with Wu and Silverton to discuss the wild happenings of GRIMM.

RD: So, can we talk about the Hexenbiest in the room?

Juliette Silverton: What Hexenbiest? There’s no Hexenbiest in here!

Drew Wu: I know all about Hexenbiests. I’ve been spending my nights in Nick’s trailer, reading up on all the Wesen.

RD: Okay, Sergeant Wu, let’s start with you. Tell us what’s been happening lately. Have you recovered from your stint in the psychiatric hospital?

Sgt. Drew Wu in photo from the Grimm on NBC episode "Death Do Us"DW: Yep. Turns out I wasn’t crazy after all. Nick and Hank finally let me in on the secret they’ve been keeping all these years. Nick is a Grimm and there’s a whole world of creatures out there – Wesen, they’re called.

RD: Sounds like you’re really into this.

DW: Oh I am. It explains so much about how shady Nick and Hank were on certain investigations.

RD: So now you’re studying up on the Wesen?

DW: Oh yeah, I’m in Nick’s trailers scanning the Grimm diaries all the time. I’m learning about every Wesen from Hundjägers to Hexenbiest.

RD: Speaking of Hexenbiests…

JS: Maybe you can finish up with Drew and then we can talk one on one?

RD: Sure… So Sergeant, how does it feel to be part of the Grimm team?

DW: It’s a bit of a challenge. I like to do things by the book, but now I have to bend the law sometimes to protect the Wesen of Portland. Nick and Hank are helping me feel my way around though.

RD: Well, good luck with all that, Sergeant. Mind if I talk to Juliette alone?

DW: Go for it. Gotta get back to the trailer anyway. I’m reading up on Dämonfeuer these days.

RD: So, Juliette, you’re the Grimm’s girlfriend and you’ve suddenly undergone a pretty crazy change.

JS: Keep your voice down. This is still pretty private information. But yes, I’ve recently become a Hexenbiest.

RD: Is that common? People can just become Wesen out of nowhere?

JS: Well… this wasn’t quite out of nowhere. To make a very long story short, Adelind Schade put a spell on Nick to take away his Grimm powers. To restore them, I literally needed to become Adelind just like she became me to put the spell on Nick.

RD: Sounds complicated.

JS: You have NO idea! Anyway, one of the side effects seems to be that I became a Hexenbiest, just like Adelind.

RD: How’s that working out for you?

JS: I’m still trying to get a handle on my powers. It isn’t easy when you aren’t just born knowing how to do all this.

RD: And rumor has it, you’re a particularly strong Hexenbiest.

JS: I guess. I mean, I was able to kick Adelind’s butt recently and she’s pretty strong. Plus, I’ve been able to use telekinesis. I can’t really control everything yet but I’m working on it.

RD: Does Nick know?

JS: I just told him. We’ll see how he takes it. I’m scared because Hexenbiests are a Grimm’s natural enemy but I know Nick loves me so we’ll all just have to tune in to find out how it all goes.

RD: Thanks, Juliette.

Make sure you all tune in to NBC when GRIMM returns Friday, March 20 at 8 PM.

Dorothy S.
Dorothy Sasso is a fancy lady, but can handle herself in the zombie apocalypse. Dorothy is the proud mother of a beautiful, smart little girl with her husband Geoff, a high-powered attorney (Geoff wrote this bio) and two fluffy kitties - Loki (Hodor in cat form) and Draco (possibly Satan). Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, Dorothy was a history teacher at private schools. In her spare time Dorothy likes to explore her city's restaurant scene, watch good TV, work out, write, read any and all books from fantasy to nonfiction to graphic novels to books about pretentious British people in doomed romances who drink lots of tea. Her perfect day would involve going for a nice walk with her husband and daughter, having a dinner of tapas and fine wine, and going to bed early with her Kindle.

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