“Til DeAth Do Us PArt” Recap | Pretty Little Liars Series Finale

Over the last seven seasons fans have endured multiple murders, thousands of lies, fabulous outfits, and fierce friendship. Now, hundreds of episodes later we FINALLY learn who A.D. is and get the answers to every question we have asked from the safety of our couches. Buckle up lies, the truth is finally out.

The girls are drinking their iced coffees in the middle of Rosewood talking about Mona being locked-up how they never learned who A was. Lucas pops in tap dancing and Jenna is on a horse. Thankfully it wasn’t some twisted reality but a dream in Mona’s head at Welby, the mental hospital. When she comes to, someone enters her room and she says, “I never would have guessed it was you. Are you here to kill me?”

One year later, Ezra and Aria are still not married but don’t worry, it’s just around the corner. Right now they’re trying to get their book turned into a movie. How fun! Spencer is back to riding horses and has even rekindled her relationship with her sister Melissa. Toby pops in to say hi and I’m rooting for an official relationship reboot between the two. Did I mention she even bought his old truck?

Emily and Alison are playing moms quite well as they are new parents to twin girls, Lily and Grace. Later, Ali meets with Emily’s mom at Radley and speak in hushed tones. They discuss Emily being taken care of and it’s kind of suspicious. My guess, Ali is going to propose, and I hope she does!

While everyone else is happily in love, things aren’t going so smoothly for my favorite couple Hanna and Caleb. On the business side, Hanna’s designs have taken off and Caleb sold his software to Lucas and they FINALLY bought the loft from him. One of the rifts between the two is the fact that Mona is leaving Welby and going to stay with them. Smart choice guys. Hanna wants to be there for her friend but Caleb is skeptical and I don’t blame him. Within five minutes of Mona arriving, Hanna and Caleb leave her unattended. And what does she do? She disappears.

Hanna and Caleb left for a good reason because they went to Ezra and Aria’s dual bachelorette/bachelor party. Of course it’s at The Lost Woods which Spencer fixed up quite nicely after Mary Drake left it to her and Ali. The best part of this party was when the commented on the loud Christians across the lake at bible camp. The worst part however was Melissa watching the group through the trees in a black hoodie. WHAT!

That night while every couple is getting it on in their respective rooms, Aria receives a phone call after Ezra has fallen asleep. As Melissa creepily watches from the window. After the call, Aria goes to the girls to tell her she can’t marry Ezra because she can’t have kids. To top it off, It’s not really Melissa in the hood, but Mona in a mask. She then facetimes A.D. who says Mona wearing the Melissa mask was just a test. What surprises me about this whole event is how realistic that mask was. Honestly, A.D. must have a great budget.

The next day, Spencer visits Mary Drake in prison. Even though Spencer hadn’t visited in awhile, she tells her mother that she’s there because she needs her help. Oh, goody, I wonder what that would be!

That night everyone is having a great time at Aria and Ezra’s rehearsal dinner, even Mona who is clearly only welcomed by Hanna. “The last time she saw you, she tried to push you out of the bell tower,” Aria reminds her. “Yeah, and she feels bad about that!” Hanna replies. I couldn’t stop laughing. Then entered Wine Moms. Mrs. Hastings, Mrs. Marin and Mrs. Montgomery stand around nursing their glasses of wine reminiscing on that fateful night when they got drunk in the basement. This was probably my favorite part of the entire two-hour episode because #WineMoms are fan favorites. I’ll gladly watch a spinoff about them.

After the party, Aria tells Ezra about her fertility predicament. She was scared he would be mad and he is, but just about her hiding it from him. Honestly Aria could shoot him and he’d still marry her.

Emily confronts Ali about her weird behavior. At the party she saw her mom hand Ali something and wanted to know what it was. After some persistence, Ali confesses that she was going to propose. Woohoo I knew it! Ali throws out the plans she had and pops the question right in their living room wearing a hideous sweatshirt.

After a little rendezvou with Toby, Spencer is in her house when she hears a piano playing. She follows it asking if it’s Toby when Mona comes out of the dark and spits, “Deja vu, bitch.” She then knocks Spencer out cold. When Spencer regains consciousness she is in a high-tech-looking cell. She looks into a mirror on the wall and then her reflection stops mirroring her. IT’S A SECOND SPENCER.

I screamed. I had a theory they would reveal another evil twin like the books, however, I thought it would be Ali’s evil twin, not Spencer’s. Honestly, I’m all here for it.

Mary Drake is also there and says to Spencer, “We didn’t think you’d wake up so soon, Spencer.” WOW. Mother of the year right here. Spencer confronts the Twincer (what fans have dubbed Spencer 2.0). She says, “I’m just a girl who met a man when he came in from the rain.” Cue flashback.

We see Twincer bartending at an English pub when Wren walks in. Ugh, Wren was so five seasons ago, but whatever. He sees Twincer and at first thinks it’s Spencer, until he finally realizes the truth. He shows her, Alex Drake, a picture of Spencer and she gets emotional. The next few days Wren told her everything from Melissa to Charlotte.

Alex tells Spencer after Charlotte (their half-sister remind you) died, she needed closure. Alex’s plan is to leave Spencer a prisoner and assume her life. Spencer spits that Alex could never be her and well, Alex points out that she already has. From Hanna having “visions” of Spencer while she was being tortured, to when she awkwardly asked Toby to kiss her one more time after Yvonne’s death to when she introduced Ezra to Wren at the airport. I hate to say it, but the girl is good and the signs were all right there.

While this family reunion from hell is happening, a cop informs Emily and Ali that Mark Drake has escaped and to remain vigilant. Thanks for the update, dude.

In the cell, Alex continues to drone on about how, yes part of the torture was about avenging Charlotte’s death but mainly being jealous of Spencer’s life. She was the lucky twin, while Alex was abandoned. In another flashback we see Wren confronting Alex. Alex has recently acquired Charlotte’s money after she died but Alex is still playing the game. She tells Wren, “This is about friends. Even when they make huge mistakes, they still love each other.” Wren wants her to come clean to Spencer but Alex knows she could never be one of them. So instead, she asks Wren to shoot her in the upper chest so she can have a matching gunshot scar as Spencer. WHAT THE HECK?

To follow that, Alex reveals to Spencer that she later killed Wren because while she wanted him to see her as Spencer, she will always be Alex in his eyes. Yes, that’s a valid reason to kill your boyfriend. To top it off, she wears his ashes in a necklace. We’re at peak PLL creepiness.

Alex leaves Spencer to go be her at Aria’s wedding. Now this chick has crossed the line. There, she asks to hold one of Emily and Ali’s twins, While across the room from everyone, Alex whispers, “You have your daddy’s eyes. I knew Wren would make pretty babies.” I just can’t anymore with this chick. On a positive note, we at least now know who fathered Ali’s kids.

At the cell, Mary Drake brings Spencer lunch and they have a semi-nice heart-to-heart. She tells Spencer that Alex drugged her and brought her to the underground bunker and has promised Mary Drake she’ll keep Spencer safe. Um, okay. Mary Drake also reveals more about the day Spencer was born.

Through flashbacks earlier in the season, we saw a doctor take Spencer to Mrs. Hastings outside. Apparently after that, Mary gave birth to Alex whom SHE SOLD to a rich couple in England so she could buy her way out of Radley. Mary says, ”I thought she would live a Cinderella life,” which Spencer quickly replies, “Have you read Grimm’s Fairy Tales?”

Mary thought Alex would live a posh life but because of her “issues” she was given to an orphanage who gave her back the last name Drake. Alex Drake, A.D. It was always right there. Mary says that at 10 years old Alex ran away from the orphanage and later became a bartender before Wren found her. Oddly enough, Mary Drake opens the door to hug Spencer who hugs her back. I’m questioning why Spencer didn’t try to run for it but instead, she stole a bobby pin off of Mary for later use. I guess that was kind of smart.

Back at the wedding, Aria receives a text from Ezra saying he isn’t coming. This is obviously a red flag for me. He would never stand Aria up and I’m right. As the girls start calling and searching for Ezra, we see him sitting in a cell directly across from Spencer.

Spencer asks how he got there and he says that while he was making a reservation Spencer recommended, he ran into Alex at the Radley thinking it was Spencer. As he was asking her questions Alex didn’t know the answers to, she knocked him out and took him to the “do-it-yourself dungeon.”

Alex finally returns and the two try to convince her to spare their lives. Turns out there’s another twist to Alex’s motives. She doesn’t exactly want Spencer’s life or friends, but Toby. “He settled for Yvonne, and now he’s free to be with his one true love: me,”  Alex says. Legit, this girl is deranged and Troian Bellisario is a phenomenal actress to pull both of these polar opposite characters off.

Alex does inform the two on Jenna, Sara, and Sydney’s motives to being on the A.D. Team. Sydney was blackmailed because Alex knew she was stealing from her work, Jenna wanted money for a second eye surgery, and Sara wanted a piece of Charlotte’s “hidden treasure” under Radley. Turns out that treasure wasn’t gold, but the file folder.

In another flashback we see the moment Charlotte and Alex finally meet. Charlotte gets off the plane in England with Archer and we finally learn where they first met. Wren sets up the meeting between Alex and Charlotte and after they hit it off the whole group, Wren and Archer included, have a grand time in Europe. Charlotte later decides she misses the A Game and plans to return to the States. Before she goes, she “passes the torch” and gives Alex the Patsy Cline Greatest Hits record. Alec obviously wants to go with her, but Charlotte tells her she can’t and to never trust Spencer of the Hastings.

While back in the real world as Spencer, she comes across Jenna. Spencer is sitting outside Mrs. Hasting’s office when Jenna is leaving and she asks “Spencer” if she’s wearing a new perfume. Alex plays if off but this is a red alert for someone who has to use her other sense to identify people. Jenna immediately Toby and says, “This may sound weird, but I don’t think Spencer’s Spencer.”

Even though Jenna has put Toby through hell for years, he believes her this time. He tells the girls and Caleb the twin theory and they unrealistically jump on board rather quickly. Toby explains it makes sense because of a book Alex gave Toby while being Spencer before that final kiss. He said the book typically has notes in it from Spencer, but this one was clean. Thankfully Emily is the only voice of reason who admits, “Out of all the insane theories we’ve jumped to, Spencer having an evil twin has to be the most insane.”

In the dungeon, Alex and Mary start fighting because Alex promised she wouldn’t her Spencer. Alex then knocks Mary out cold so she wouldn’t try to stop her when she tries to kill Spencer. Geez, crazy really does run in this family.

At the same time, the gang turns to Mona for help. She tells them that Wren came to Welby to kill her, but now, she’s back in the game so she can beat Alex and win the game once and for all. Miraculously, they discover the dungeon is located at the house Toby originally built for Spencer. GO FIGURE! Being trusting Toby, he never knew the person who bought the house. I definitely rolled my eyes at this.

After Alex leaves the dungeon, Ezra and Spencer try to escape with the help of the stolen bobby pin. After opening their cell doors and running through sketchy hallways they make their way outside. Or they think.

Ezra and Spencer stand outside a fake version of Toby’s house inside a dome that is obviously still underground. I’m getting some strong Maze Runner and Hunger Games vibes from this. While they try to find the exit, the gang has busted into Toby’s old home. They frantically search the house until they find a secret passageway.

Inside the dome, Alex comes out of nowhere and smashes Ezra on the head while Spencer tries to reason with her. During the twin standoff, Toby rushes in with a gun. Let me mention, the two girls are wearing the exact same outfit so things start to get extra trippy.

Toby doesn’t know which twin to shoot while they both plead they’re the real Spencer. Toby asks them which poem from the book she gave him was her favorite. Of course the real Spencer starts quoting it and Toby takes Alex into a headlock. True love always knows!

Mona apparently called the cops as they rush in and take Alex into “custody.” Apparently Mary Drake was caught down the road so both will be “locked up” for good. More on that in a second.

In Rosewood, Ezra and Aria FINALLY get married in the chapel that has not only been a murder scene but also where multiple funerals have been held. So romantic. A cell phone goes off mirroring the pilot episodes when they received their first text from A at ALi’s funeral. Turns out, it’s just the creator I. Marlene King playing the wedding photographer.

In the last scene with the Liars they all talk about what’s next. Emison will definitely get married, there’s hope for Spoby, Hanna is pregnant, and Aria and Ezra are looking at adoption agencies. Finally, a happy ending for our favorite Liars!

But I can’t forget about the fifth Liar, well, by association. Time has passed and Mona now lives in Paris where she owns a doll shop. She tells her French beau she’ll meet him at dinner while she locks up. Mona then heads to the basement where a dollhouse sits. Mona shouts, “Teatime, pretty girls,” and a dollhouse-like room is revealed behind a glass window. Inside the room sits Mary Drake and Alex who are both dressed in doll-like clothes.

She can’t keep us here forever,” Mary says. Then Alex replies with the best line of the series, “Of course she can. She’s Mona.”

Now you understand the meanings of “custody” and “locked up.” Mona never called the cops and by not doing so, she was able to do what she set out to do seven seasons ago, win the game.

WRITER’S NOTE: I’ve said for the last seven years that I couldn’t wait for this twisty show to end. But now that it has, I’m sad because I won’t be revising Rosewood every Tuesday night. I grew up with these Liars and I have endured every A, Uber A, A Team and A.D. you can imagine. The characters, the fashion, the quick language always had me coming back and for that, Pretty Little Liars will go down as one of my favorite shows.

And if this show has taught me anything, it’s that two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.

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