Pretty Little Liars Recap: “In the Eye Abides the Heart”

Last time we played “Liars’ Lament” the board announced it was once again Hannah’s turn after she failed to complete her first turn. That wasn’t the biggest thing we learned. No, it was the fact that Aria turned to the dark side after A.D. threatened to send Ezra to jail if she didn’t play double agent. Well, let’s see how the black hoodie fits.

pll in the eye abides the heartAt the Brew, the Liars conclude that Lucas has to be A.D. after learning he was once camp friends with Charles/Charlotte. Hanna and Emily take it upon themselves to search for clues to confirm their thoughts. At Hanna’s apartment, which Lucas owns, remember, the two find an old comic that Charles and Lucas created together.

Eerily enough, the story was called Arcturas and it was about a boy who gets picked on by others and his family. He would then sometimes turn into Arcturas to protect himself. It was basically a book that read, “I’m A.D. and if I’m not, well then I definitely know who is.”
The first of many calls from A.D. begin for Aria now that she’s formally a lackey. But what’s terrifying about these calls is that they’re a digitized version of Aria’s own face. It’s basically Snapchat face swap gone bad.

In not-so-lover’s-paradise, Ezra is leaving Aria once again to go be by Nicole’s side in New York. Aria gives him an ultimatum and with it, Ezra heads straight to the airport. Ouch. When he leaves Aria notices missed calls from A.D. When she answers the next one the creepy Aria face appears and says, “Rule number one: Never send me to voicemail.” She then proceeds to get Aria to spill about finding Mary Drake’s hiding spot and learning about Charlotte’s father.

The next time A.D. calls Aria is on the attack. She flat out asks her creepy digitized face if it’s Lucas. Of course, face swap-gone-bad Aria responds, “Would I tell you if it was?” I mean really Aria you knew the answer to that one. Anyways, A.D. has Aria steal the comic book from Hannah’s apartment and put it in a locker at the high school. Seconds after she closes the locker door she reopens it to find a black hoodie where the comic last laid. I guess Aria is officially in Club A.D. now.

And let’s not forget about the baby mama with Emily and Ali. They two are constantly going back and forth on whether they should keep the child. They ultimately decide to keep the child after a blood test. It not only confirmed that the baby was Emily’s, but also that the father was not Ali’s psycho dead husband. While the two decide to raise the baby together, this now begs the question: Who’s the daddy?

In other baby mama news, Spencer is having a little pen pal session with her birth mother. Mary Drake sends a message in a wine bottle for Spencer reading, “Need to talk. Please. Mary.” Spencer writes back and a day later receives a key that leads her back to the Lost Woods Resort. Oh brother. While there, Spencer waits for over an hour before she hears someone coming through the door. Turns out to be Marco who followed Spencer there and not in an “I want to keep you safe” kind of way.

Marco reveals that he followed Spencer to the abandoned motel because all the parts of his case keep leading back to her. Spencer tries to talk her way out until Marco mentions Archer being at the Radley bar the night they met, or at least his credit card was. Remember that right after the Liars buried Archer, Spencer got a drink at the bar and ran into Marco for the first time. She accidentally paid for their drinks with Archer’s card and even signed her own name on the receipt. This now means that if Marco checks the receipts, Spencer is dead and I mean probably literally and not figuratively.

Before she goes home Spencer makes a quick stop at the airport to meet Wren, her sister’s ex-fiance twice removed. She tries to get information out of him during a layover, but we don’t know what. Hopefully she got something good because when she gets home she finds another note in the wine bottle that says, “You brought the police. I understand. Goodbye.” Wow, does every adult in the town have to be so dramatic?

We haven’t mentioned Hanna much since finding the creepy comic book but, don’t worry, her world is about to get shattered some more. At The Brew, Mona storms out in a panic. Apparently, Lucas put their fashion factory space up for sale before they had a chance to get the brand off the ground. To calm Mona down, Hanna FINALLY brings her into the fold and fills her in on the A.D. and possibly Lucas drama.

When Mona sees the board game she lovingly caresses it in admiration. She tells Hannah the game runs on batteries, meaning once they run out, the game is over. Mona also mentions Lucas might not be A.D. because the game is more mechanical than digital. Because Mona is heartless and a form A herself, Hanna begs her to help her win.

Mona resists, saying the only reason she’s not afraid of Liars’ Lament is because there isn’t a little Mona on the board. While yes, she admires the craftsmanship, she tells Hanna, “Playing with people’s lives like this is an addiction. You’re not dealing with a healthy person. You’re dealing with an addict. I know more about it than anyone…” And what does Hanna come back with to make Mona consider? “Then imagine how you’ll feel when you beat it.”

Back at Ezra’s apartment, Ezra decides to not get on the plane. He comes back to Aria. She apologizes for how she spoke earlier and explains how she’s afraid their entire being as a couple is falling apart. It’s a sweet moment that gets ruined by A.D. once again.

During their reunion, Aria misses another call from the head bitch her/himself. Before the credits fade to black, you see A.D. messing with the digitized Aria’s face saying, “I warned you! When I call, you answer. I need you faithful and devoted… or else.” Then it laughs the kind of laugh nightmares are made of.
Aria, watch your back and, well, maybe answer your phone next time.

Who is A.D.? L U C A S

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