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Lucious and Cookie all dressed up before the ASAs on Empire

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Empire’s Cookie Lyon has been obsessed with the American Song Awards. Her ex-husband, Lucious, and son, Jamal, were both up for “Song of the Year” and in the latest episode, “Rise by Sin,” we finally got to the ASAs but both Lyons lost. There were, however, other awards handed out.

  1. Best red carpet dis: Hakeem’s fiancée, Laura, is the most boring character ever. Hakeem has had some iffy relationships. Seductive cougar, Camilla Marks, was manipulative, only interested in money and power and–worst of all–convinced Hakeem to wear tacky matching outfits. Boo Boo Kitty was engaged to Hakeem’s father so ewwwwww. Boo Boo Kitty is also unstable and possibly violent. Laura is a nice girl, that’s not a compliment. Even the paparazzi don’t care about Laura; when she posed with Hakeem, they asked her to step out of the picture. If only she’d keep stepping.
  2. Worst date: Tariq is an undercover FBI agent, who’s probably just using Carol to get information on Lucious, her former brother-in-law. Tariq set up the date to meet at Leviticus, Lucious’ club. There are thousands of places to go in New York, Tariq was just looking for a discount. Don’t date a man who is too cheap to pay the full price on mozzarella sticks.
  3. Best accessory: We’ve never seen Freda Gatz all dressed up before and she killed it in that white suit. Freda is restrained on the red carpetIt just needed one more touch and Freda got it when she swiped the security officer’s gun and aimed it at Lucious.
  4. Biggest attention-getter: When things don’t go your way, change the narrative. Jamal didn’t snag an American Sound Award but getting shot on the step and repeat is more newsworthy. The headlines will be all about Jamal so he’s the real winner. Jamal might have to share the spotlight with grandma Leah if the media finds out that Lucious lied about her being dead, but at least all the stories will focus on the Lyons.
  5. Biggest Winner: The audience. Can we all agree that the nonstop plot about the ASA awards was uninteresting? Did it matter that Lucious and Jamal were competing in the same category? Why did they have to produce new music and videos after the nominations were announced? Did it matter that Cookie negotiated for the Lyons to have seven minutes on stage instead of four? Now we can get to the good stuff like what’s going to happen when the world knows Leah is alive, who caused Rhonda’s miscarriage by pushing her down the stairs, the big secret Carol is keeping from Cookie and how Lucious will once again Houdini himself out of a long prison sentence when the feds nail him for killing everyone.

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The Empire season finale airs next Wednesday at 9/8c on Fox.

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