Empire: 5 Mother’s Day Gifts for Lucious’ Mama

His mom Leah, forces Lucious to eat cake

Photo: Fox

Mother’s Day is approaching. Empire’s Lucious Lyon was just reunited with Leah Walker, the mom he claimed was dead. She was locked in a facility for 21 years, it’s time she got a gift.

  1. A pill case. Leah needs a reminder to take her psych meds.  Not some plastic cheapo from Walgreen’s, though; Lucious should spring for a pretty one. Vera Bradley sells designer pill cases for $19.99. And if Lucious gets fed up and puts his mom on the street, he can find one of the label’s famous designer travel bags.
  2. Safer knives. Amazon sells the Curious Chef 3-piece Nylon Knife set. It’s a great way to protect young ones who like to cook but older folks can use it too. One reviewer noted: “This practical set kept my crazy mom from stabbing me. It was super easy to put mumsy in a chokehold and grab the knife.” At $8.70, the price can’t be beat.
  3. Non-competitive games. Losing at Bingo caused Leah to freak out. She needs forms of amusement that she can play by herself like Solitaire. Lucious can pick up personalized cards at Shutterfly for $19.99. Seeing as how Lucious let his mom rot in a home for 21 years, customizing the cards with family photos is iffy. Maybe he can just go with a monogram or something.
  4. Chef’s garb. Leah likes manic late-night baking; Lucious might as well buy her a monogrammed apron. He can find one PersonalizationMall.com. for $21.70. Hmm, on second thought, Leah might strangle him with the apron strings during one of her murderous rages. A chef’s toque is less dangerous.
  5. Mugs for the manic and the depressed. Crazy Meds–yes, that is a real site about mental health–sells mugs with sayings such as “Mentally Interesting” or “Medication Time” for $14. Hey, acceptance is the first step, right?

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Empire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Fox.

Elaine G. Flores, Chief Editor
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