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The Bachelor Ben Higgins outdoors

The Bachelor: Season 20 — Episode 4

It’s Week Four on The Bachelor and it’s Vegas, baby! Does that mean an entire episode filled with sin and lust? ‘Cause I could get down with that! Oh, wait … Ben’s the Bachelor, we’ll be seeing a bunch of Celine Dion shows and buffets, that seems more Ben’s speed. They should have done Vegas with Juan Pablo. Now that would have been a fun episode. If you thought Vegas was all about action, Ben is ready to show you how seniors do Vegas right!!

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The Bachelor contestants on a soccer field

The Bachelor: Season 20 — Episode 3

Secret squeezes, spa games and the ultimate convertible hair are all in store for us on another exciting episode of The Bachelor! Things may have started out slow on this episode with the most normal date ever in Bachelor history, but they heated up quick with Ben Higgins’ bevy of batty bitches in tow!

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The Bachelor: Season 20 — Episode 1

Happy New Year! It’s Bachelor time, baby! With boring ole Ben as our main man this year we were sure to expect a whole lot of crazy coming out of those limos and boy, we were not let down. From unicorns, to flower heads to twins, we really saw everything roll into the mansion last night!

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