7 Times Sons of Anarchy was Unforgettable

Sons of Anarchy fans, check this out. Guest writer Val B. has been happily pondering her favorite moments on the show and shares her thoughts on a spin-off. Give her a big welcome to TVRD and share your favorite show moments in the comments below. — David A.

There’s much speculation about a Sons of Anarchy spin-off series chronicling the Mayans and/or the Original 9.  (By the way, rumors of Brad Pitt starring as John Teller are false.) I suspect there’s more fan interest in seeing the Original 9, with hopes some TV cast members will return. In the interim, don’t we want to believe the Sons of Anarchy that Jax rebuilt to withstand time becomes a powerhouse in Chibs’ hands?! Though it takes weeks or months to re-watch all seven seasons, it’s an addictive, wicked and twisted ride. Long Live SAMCRO.

7. In Walks Diva Delicious
“Charm is a product of the unexpected.” ― Jose Marti

In “Orca Shrugged” [S 5, Ep 5], after four seasons of slaughter, the unique, sweet-natured Venus Van Dam, brought in refreshing levity. Her forthrightness leaves the club brothers speechless, yet ingratiated, because she’s your angel Darlin’!

6. Clay Goes Down
“Karma is a cruel mistress.” ― Kelley York

SOA-clayIn “Huang Wu” [S 6, Ep 10] the traitorous games finally bite Clay in the ass when Jax discovers his web of lies.  Jax disavows his stepfather and gets the club to vote for a meeting between Clay and Mr. Mayhem.

5. Gemma Takes Her Medicine
“Do you know what love is? I’ll tell you: it is whatever you can still betray.” ― John le Carre’


In “Red Rose” [S 7, Ep 12] The evil mom is the expert at pretending that all is well, but her reign of getting away with murder in her fairytale world finally expires. She heard the clock ticking before Jax even showed up, and gracefully accepted her fate at his hands.

4. Bobby’s Rescue
“If you’re in old habits, set in your old ways, changes are a-comin’, for these are changing days.” ― Elvis Presley

sons o f anarchy what a piece of work

In “What a Piece of Work is Man” [S 7, Ep 9] mangled Bobby is returned from the sadistic hands of Moses. Concluding the deal with August Marks to Jax’s satisfaction, August shocks Jax by shooting Bobby, who dies in Jax’s arms.

3. Opie’s Got This
“If fate means you to lose, give him a good fight anyhow.” ― William McFee


In “Laying Pipe” [S 5, Ep 3], trapped by Damon Pope’s agents in prison, the club is coerced into picking which one of them will die. Loyal, courageous Opie volunteers as the club watches his gruesome, heart-breaking demise.

2. A New Use for a Grill Fork
“Jealousy is the grave of affection.” ― Mary Baker Eddy.

Gemma-Killing-TaraIn “A Mother’s Work” [S 6, Ep 13] Gemma’s anger for Tara was evident from day one, and her stubbornness would NEVER let it go. The dark depth of her soul lets a moment of insanity simmer just long enough to give us this bloody, jaw-dropping moment.

1. Rebel Without a Cause
“It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.” ― Fight Club

soafinaleIn “Papa’s Goods”, the series finale, after seeing most of his friends and family drop like flies, Jax proceeds to kill nearly everyone he associated with for the club’s sake. And his blaze of glory is a sad yet logical finish to the turbulent story. It took guts for his brothers to let him “go out” like that, dying free on the open road tailed by a line of squad cars. It is Jackson Teller’s defining moment.

If you’re wondering what your favorite SOA character is doing now, thanks to UPROXX we have answers.

Val B.
Valerie Bracken has been a New York music industry asset working with labels and clubs to keep the City rockin', as well as a TV and film enthusiast with an affinity for all types of thrillers. She previously blogged at NYC PUNK. Reading autobiographical books and photography are her other passions. She's also in training to become the next female warrior, with a mission to protect all bierhauses in case of an outlandish takeover attempt.

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