11 Reasons Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce was Renewed


Abby, Jo and Phoebe hide under a table during an earthquake on Girlfriends' Guide to DivorceRejoice, Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce has been renewed for a second season! Here are 11 reasons it’s a smash for Bravo.

  1. Lisa Edelstein, who makes you want to be best friends with Abby, is backed up by a terrific supporting cast.
  2. It’s heartening to see a quirky series featuring grown women who are mature, brainy, witty, successful and supportive of one another. (Take that, Housewives!)
  3. Though GG2D focuses on women, the male regulars could carry their own series. Just imagine a show about single-dad Jake.
  4. All the characters have lives and are complex. Phoebe, introduced as the sexy shallow friend, helps Marcus secure funding for his organization. Jo attended the Renaissance Fair. She’s from New York, we don’t do that. Delia exhibits sophistication in her career and foolishness in her romantic life.
  5. The diversity isn’t halfhearted. Ford and Max are a gay, interracial married couple. Laverne Cox, the face of transgender women, made a guest appearance. Phoebe is bisexual and polyamorous. Delia is played by Iranian-American actress, Necar Zadegan. This isn’t a series about monochromatic straight people.
  6. These are genuine friends, not frenemies. They have each other’s backs. The also have relatable spats. Phoebe tired of Lyla’s anger and snark. Abby’s best friend, Jo, is a messy loose cannon. Jo’s also the favorite friend in our poll!
  7. The show doesn’t take place in an alternate universe. Scenes are flavored with of-the-moment cultural references. Abby was offered a position as editor-at-large for the HuffPo Divorce section and Arianna Huffington was namechecked. Jake made a reference to Fifty Shades.  The movie version opens within 10 days of the episode. How’s that for timing?
  8. Girlfriends’ problems are organic. Sabotage and intrigue didn’t tank Abby’s career, she simply screwed up,  She had unresolved sexual tension with Nate, once it was resolved, she discovered that Nate excels at bad sex. (I never want to see green socks again!)
  9. The dialogue. Oh, the dialogue. When Abby’s young lover, Will asked her to look at his manuscript, she complained to her friends, “I want to be the pretty, pretty princess, I don’t want to be the resource.” When Josh Groban sent Delia a bouquet, Jo’s response was, “Oh, I’m a huge Grobanite [that is a thing that exists]” Jo being Jo, added, “If you’re going to pass on him, I’ll take sloppy seconds. I bet I could at least get that voice to drop an octave.”
  10. The show is sly. The word “Hellmouth” was used. I see you, Marti Noxon. Between Noxon and J. August Richards, #GG2D is full of Whedonverse squee.
  11. Lisa Edelstein has chemistry with every pairing so the show is deliciously shippable. Jake is flawed, but endearing. Romantic Will says things like, “Clearly you don’t see yourself through my eyes because if you did, you wouldn’t act like such an idiot.” Le Swoon. She spent one memorable night just talking with sexy Victor Webster. So many hashtags, so little time.
Elaine G. Flores, Chief Editor
Elaine is the chief editor of TV Recappers' Delight. She's an experienced entertainment reporter, reviewer, editor, blogger, columnist and Bon Vivant.

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