Gotham Recap: “Beware the Green-Eyed Monster”

It’s the fall season finale on Gotham and things are somewhat hectic. Big surprise right? James Gordon voices his objections to the nuptials of his ex Lee Thompkins and Mario Calvi (Falcone). Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle make a move against the Court of Owls and we find that this adventure has a bit of a surprise for Selina. And as Ed Nygma finally learns the truth behind the tragic death of his lady love Barbara Kean approaches him with a plan for revenge. Alrighty then, shall we.

Things open up this week with groom-to-be Mario Calvi chatting up (actually stalking would be a more accurate term) a lab tech from the Gotham Bio Labs. It seems that this guy has been doing research on the Tetch virus and he’s been instrumental in creating the test that detects the virus. Well, Mario’s all ears about how the test works and he’s so intrigued by what this gentleman has to tell him about the test that after he gets all the info he needs — Mario kills the poor bastard. Oh yeah, did I mention that last week we learned that Mario has been infected with the virus. Not only does it give him the kind of super strength we saw Capt. Barnes exhibit but it also amps up a small fault that Mario has, jealousy.

gotham-fall-finaleWhen the lab tech’s body is found who do they call? Why Jim Gordon, of course. Although Harvey Bullock advises him to take the day off and blow town so he won’t have to be around on Lee’s wedding day, Gordon refuses and goes right to work. Gordon figures out that the guy worked at the Lab and heads over there to see what’s what. On arrival Jimbo finds that someone’s already in the building using the dead guys card key. What a coincidence! Gordon has the guard call for backup and goes to have a look. Upon entering the room where the guy is supposed to be Jimbo gets blind-sided and knocked out — by Mario. Mario’s there to find out more info about the test for the virus and wasn’t expecting company. While Gordon lays there out cold Mario reveals his plan. He intends to make Lee despise Gordon so that she will never want to see him again. Later, after the cops arrive, Lucious Fox tells Gordon and Bullock that the culprit was looking for info on the test for the virus. Just then they notice that the word ‘Arkham’ is written on Gordon’s hand, obviously by the culprit. So guess where Jimbo’s off to next.

In the cheery visiting room at Arkham, Gordon has a short con-fab with Jervis Tetch, now sporting a top hat made from newsprint. After a bit of the back and forth they get down to business. Tetch knows what’s going on because he’s the one who infected Mario. But he doesn’t want to tell Gordon this. Finally Gordon, to his horror, tricks Tetch into telling him the truth. Gordon now knows he’s looking for Mario. Gordon then has Mario detained and tested for the virus. The test comes up negative, three times. Fox give the news to Gordon and Bullock. Things look bad for Jimbo. Gordon figures out that this is why Mario broke into the lab, to find out how to beat the test. But right now he’s powerless to do anything about it.

Gordon races over to Lee’s place only to find Mario there waiting for him. Jeez that’s guy’s really beginning to be annoying. First murder and now showing up everywhere Jimbo goes. The two have words about Lee. Gordon then explains how he thinks Tetch dosed Mario with the virus and then tells him that the virus has amped up Mario’s jealousy. When Gordon tries to detain Mario he finds Mario has gotten the drop on him. Victor Zsazz appears with a gun and detains Gordon while Mario heads off to the church. Victor lets Gordon go after a short time stating that he wasn’t supposed to hold Gordon for long.

Gordon then heads to the church to find Lee. They talk and Gordon starts to tell her all that’s gone on but she stops him. Mario has already told her all everything – from his point of view. She then tells Gordon that she thinks Tetch is planting ideas in Gordon’s head again. She wants him to go. Gordon figures out that this is Mario’s plan to get him out of Lee’s life for good. Gordon then fesses up to Lee. He tells her he loves her and that he should have come to find her after getting out of jail but he had to set things right first. He then tells her how he did find her house, after she left Gotham, and was going to ring the bell to see her but he saw she was there with Mario. “I saw you through the window with him. You were smiling. You looked happy,” he tells her. “I couldn’t bring myself to go in.” He tells her he’s regretted that and then asks her not to marry Mario. Lee curses him for telling her this and then she tells him that after the wedding she and Mario are leaving Gotham for good. This is all followed with Lee giving Jimbo a cold slap in the face. She then asks Carmine Falcone, who’s just shown up, to have Gordon removed from the premises. So as Lee and Mario are married Gordon gets a serious ass-whipping at the hands of Falcone’s men. Oh so sad.

Back at the precinct Fox explains to Bullock that he’s figured out how Mario beat the test. This is proof enough for Bullock to issue a search warrant for Mario’s house and then call Gordon. At the house they find the evidence proving Mario beat the test. But the tail that they put on the happy couple manages to loose them. Gordon then goes to see Falcone. He explains the situation to the old man and Carmine begins to put everything together. Carmine says he’ll send his own men to bring Mario in so that he can get help. Gordon isn’t having it but Carmine insists. So Gordon shoots the two guys Carmine was going to send. Carmine makes Gordon swear not to hurt Mario before he tells him where the happy couple is.

Things at stately Wayne manor are in a bit of a quiet panic. Last week Bruce threw in his lot with the Whisper Gang to destroy the Court of Owls. Now one of the remaining gang members delivers the news to Bruce and Alfred that things didn’t go so well. The gang’s leader and another member were found murdered on the docks, obviously the work of Court henchman Talon. Knowing that all is at stake, the Court appears to be responsible for his parents’ murder and Bruce wants to know what the next step is. Failure is not on option.

Bruce, Alfred and Selina join one of the remaining gang members in casing a building belonging to the Court. It’s believed that a vault in this building contains an object that can destroy the Court. Naturally the building is heavily guarded and the room housing the vault has a floor fitted with infrared sensors. This means that they must get to the vault by means other than using the floor. Holy acrobats Batman! The gang member says that he’s trained on a tightrope for just this task. Bruce, of course, still holds the key that opens the vault. Meanwhile Selina can’t shake the feeling that they’re being watched.

Back at the manor while Bruce practices on a tight rope, just in case, Alfred and Selina have a heart to heart before she takes off. Alfred tells her about the deal that Bruce made with the Court to protect the people he cares about. He let Selina know that she is one of those people he made the deal to protect. “And it cost him dearly,” Alfred tells the young woman. Selina gives him a look and then walks out. It seems Alfred’s words may have hit home though. Oh yeah, before going she does tell Alfred her suspicion that they were being watched.

While Bruce and Alfred gear up for the mission at hand, the Court’s henchman, Talon, makes short work of disposing of what appears to be the remaining living members of the Whisper Gang. He hangs them upside down, slits their throats and let’s their blood drain like pigs in the slaughter house. Can’t say he’s not imaginative, this one.

Back at the building housing the object Alfred wants to abort the mission because the gang hasn’t shown up. He knows something’s amiss. Bruce implores him to carry on saying that he, Bruce, can walk the tight rope over the floor. He’s practiced. Alfred reminds him that he failed more times than he succeeded during that practice. Then Selina shows up and says she can do it. Alfred gives in but lays down the rules and says that if he decides to abort the mission they must follow his orders. As they proceed we see a figure in an overcoat and a slouch hat watching them.

Alfred drives up in front of the building and creates a diversion that allows Bruce and Selina to get inside. They let Alfred into the building and then head for the vault. While Alfred scouts the rest of the area to take out any guards, Bruce sets up the tight rope. He give her the key to the vault and she gives him a kiss. She gets up on the tight rope. She reaches the vault and opens it. Inside is what appears to be a crystal statue of an owl. Selina grabs it and stuffs it in her backpack. Talon, meanwhile, slips by Alfred and attacks Bruce who had been holding the rope steady. This causes Selina to fall to the floor and set off the alarm. Alfred appears and there ensues a bit of the rough and tumble between the three of them and Talon. The stranger in the hat storms in and hits Talon with a vase enabling Alfred to administer the killing stroke. The stranger, a woman, then reveals herself. “That’s my mom,” Selina says.

Barbara Kean pays Ed Nygma a visit at the Cobblepot mansion. “Relax,” she tells him. “I’m not here to get revenge for you lopping off Tabby’s paw.” She is there to begin to point him in the direction of the real person responsible for Isabella’s death. She drops Penguin’s name but Ed ain’t biting. Not at first anyway. Babs mentions that she thinks Penguin has a thing for Ed. Nygma scoffs at the idea at first but the thought sticks in his head. Babs then intones that Isabella’s death was probably the act of a jealous suitor. She leaves Ed to ponder those thoughts.

Later, after going over several articles of city business with Penguin, Ed submits his resignation. Penguin strongly objects to this action. Ed then states that he wants to be more than friends with Oswald. Oswald then lets his feelings run away with him demonstrating to Ed that Barbara’s theory was correct. An obviously shaken Nygma backs away from Oswald and then explains that he was only going to suggest that they become business partners. Too late though, ‘cause now there’s this bag on the table and there’s a cat that just crawled out of it. Before Oswald can utter another word Ed exits stage right.

Later, after an award ceremony, during which Ed imagines knifing Oswald in the back, Oswald approaches cautiously Ed. He wants them to forget the earlier events of the day. Oswald just wants things to go back to how they were before. “You’re the best friend I’ve ever had. I don’t wanna lose you,” he tells Ed. “You’re my best friend as well, Oswald,” Nygma tells him. “Remember that.” Ed then walks out again leaving Oswald looking dazed and confused.

At their club Tabby is trying to grasp a knife with her re-attached hand, and failing. She and Butch vow vengeance on Nygma as soon as they can find him. Speak of the devil and in he walks. Before Butch and Tabby can get at him Barbara stops them and asks them to hear what Ed has to say. Ed tells them that he wants to destroy Penguin. Barbara explains to Butch and Tabby that Penguin killed Isabella. She then says that with Penguin gone she wants to take his place. She knows that Ed has a rapport with Gotham’s crime families. She tells him that they could make quite a team. He agrees and then apologizes for chopping of Tabby’s hand.

At their honeymoon hideaway Mario asks Lee if she still cares for Gordon. She tells him that a small part of her will always care for Gordon but that she loves Mario. “That’s all I needed to know,” Mario tells her. Out on the balcony, overlooking a lake, Lee pours two glasses of champagne as Mario walks toward her with the voices in his head telling him she loves Gordon. He’s holding a rather sharp looking knife in is hand. As he heads out to kill her Gordon shows up and unloads two slugs into Mario’s chest causing him to drop the knife which falls off the balcony into the water. Lee never saw what Mario was intending to do. She just looks at Jimbo in shock.

Fade to black.

‘I hear my train a comin.’
– Jimi Hendrix

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